Best Vape Juice Choices for this Summer

Smoking cessation is a little easier and a lot more flavorful with todays best vape juice. No matter what your favorite combinations are, you are sure to find something to satisfy your nicotine craving with a plethora of vape flavors. Here are some top-rated ones that you should try:
1. Key Lime Pie

Enjoy the nostalgia of a perennial summer dessert. Key Lime Pie vape juice infuses the subtle nuances of tangy key lime high notes with a creamy touch of the classic filling. You will even taste hints of the tender graham cracker crust. This juice is a vaping indulgence without the calories of a real slice of pie.

2. Honey Humps

You will be saying oompa! when you taste this Greek-inspired vape juice called Honey Humps. Imagine the intoxicating sweetness of pure honey blended with the creamy goodness of milk. It is a classic combination that is relaxing and pleasant to the palette. The aroma is mild and the taste so remarkable that it will soon become one of your daily vaping favorites.

3. Special Ops

Are you in the mood for the taste of a luscious fruit smoothie? Special Ops brings the fruity essence of plump strawberries, tangy oranges, and mild kiwi into a vaping concoction that will make you think that you are sitting at your favorite juice bar. The only way to get a better smoothie taste than Special Ops is putting the actual fruits in your blender.

4. Pebbles

Remember this amazing fruit cereal from your favorite stone-age cartoon? You will feel like a kid again, eating a big bowl of crunchy Pebbles while watching Saturday morning cartoons. The distinctive lemon, orange, and berry flavors shine through in this popular vape juice. It is enhanced with a touch of milk flavor for authenticity. The good thing is that you do not have to wait until breakfast to enjoy Pebbles vape juice!

5. Tropical Illusions

Imagine yourself toasting on the sugary sands of the beach, listening to the sounds of the beating waves and a Jimmy Buffett song being played in the distance. That ice-cold pineapple drink is the cherry on top of a blissful beachside afternoon. Tropical Illusions invokes this pleasurable scene with its blast of pineapple sweetness. Each fruity puff takes you away from your hectic world and brings you to Paradise. It is like sipping your favorite Pina Colada.

6. Strawberry Overdose (S.O.D)

Remember Sunday afternoons and dinner with Grandma? You just could not wait to have one her scrumptious homemade strawberry tarts. Relive those vibrant memories while you vape Strawberry Overdose (S.O.D.) The first puff is a blast of the berry goodness that you remembered as a kid. Inhale the taste of the berries with a hint of a creamy filling. Your taste buds will be back to the good old days with each vaping pleasure of Strawberry Overdose.

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