Boot-Fitting Guide

If youre in need of a new pair of boots, whether theyre for serious walking or simply for fashion, youll want to ensure the best possible fit to avoid discomfort. Here are some handy tips for finding the right boots:

Before you visit the shoe shop, make sure youve trimmed your toenails!

Make sure youre wearing the kind of socks you intend to wear while wearing the boots and if you use any special insoles, take those with you too.

Never buy a pair based on the shoe size you think you are. Foot size can change, contrary to popular belief, as a result of injury, weight loss or gain.

Try both boots on, not just one. Most people have slightly different sized feet.

The width measurement of your foot is equally as important as the length.

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Use the store assistants knowledge when it comes to measuring feet. They most likely have tons of experience in boot-fitting and matching the right pair with the customers needs.

Its always worth taking an old pair of boots with you when you go to buy new ones. A shoe-fitter can see a lot about your gait and weight distribution from the wear on an old pair of shoes.

Remember to try a variety of makes as sizing varies between manufacturers even when the boots are labelled the same size. Yes, you want your boots to look good but remember that comfort is key.

The right boot should feel comfortable and secure on your foot. A good test is to stand on tiptoes whilst wearing the new boots. If you can open out your toes and your foot isnt rubbing against the top of the boot, its a good fit.

Check that the heel of the boot isnt slipping as you walk. Position your feet at different angles and also try to walk up and down stairs if possible.

Dont buy a pair of boots based entirely on online reviews. Footwear is highly personal, so you should always try before you buy.

The type of boot you choose should be based on the activity you intend to use them for. Doc Marten boots are ideal for fashion and work, for example. For a great range of DR Martens Gloucester, visit

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Most online and physical stores will have a returns policy that allows you to return lightly worn shoes if they are not suitable. They must be free of scuffs and clean, having only been worn indoors ideally.

If you find a pair you like the look and fit of, get on and buy them and head off on your walking adventures!

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