Bra shopping and fitting: tips from the pros

Whether you have a big bust that needs to be squeezed and hoisted into position every time you put a bra on, or you have small breasts that make you question the need to even wear a bra, bra shopping can be stressful for us all. Wearing the right-sized bra is essential, but how do you know when a bra fits perfectly?

Bra shopping and fitting

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Breast Friends

There are a few hard and fast rules when it comes to bra shopping. Getting your breasts measured regularly is important, as their size will fluctuate with your weight, age and hormones. When you buy a new bra, always ensure that it fits you on the loosest hook, as this will allow you to tighten it as the bra gets older to retain the lift you need.

A Prima Donna Deauville bra is an example of the perfect type of bra that suits all body shapes. You will need to ensure that your bra is level from the back to the front, as many women wear their bands too high up their backs.

Modern Fittings

According to The Guardian, there is now an app on the iPhone that can help women to work out their bra size, so there really is no excuse for any of us to walk around wearing an ill-fitting bra.

For anyone who enjoys shopping online, is a good example of the type of bra you can buy online, so you can avoid the tedious hassle of trying numerous bras on to find one that fits well.

There are a few telltale signs for wearing the wrong-sized bra, such as if your breasts spill out of the cup, if the cups dimple, if you have back fat and if the straps continue to slip down. According to a report from The Guardian, shopping for a bra at any age has its problems and it doesn’t get any easier when we get older.

Some experts claim that you shouldn’t wear the same bra two days in a row, as this can affect its ability to maintain its shape and provide support. So from getting regularly measured to giving your bra a day off – there’s lots of things you can do to ensure your bra is your breast friend.

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