3 Ways to Build a Strong Foundation for Your Small Business

3 Ways to Build a Strong Foundation for Your Small Business

Small business owners have a lot working against them. There are numerous factors to juggle and eventually master, but even small mistakes can have drastic consequences. Here’s what you need to know in order to get through your early years and build a successful and long lasting brand.

The Supply Chain

Supplying your business with the products it needs is the result of partnerships with various other businesses, also known as a supply chain. This starts with manufacturing and typically culminates with the sale of consumer goods to consumers. For example, a silicon wafer manufacturer might sell their products to a distributor or a wholesaler before those businesses sell the products to the retailers. Each additional stage in the supply chain increases the price of these products, but there is often value added that more than justifies the cost increase. Not all supply chains are the same, however, because some manufacturers produce parts for use in industrial machines, and that means that they may sell directly to other manufacturers in need of parts for the maintenance of their own production equipment. Building a supply chain that meets all of your needs without breaking the bank is one of the most crucial steps for a first time business owner.


Managing your company means corralling many different employees, often in multiple teams of departments. This requires careful analysis of the needs of each team in the context of the business as a whole. More importantly, it requires an understanding of how you can delegate the responsibilities of management to qualified managers that can act as a go between for you and your workers. Hiring competent department heads will help you better regulate and monitor your staff in order to boost efficiency and employee morale.

Employee Morale

Contrary to long standing popular belief, your workers can’t simply be pressured into giving their all at work. Instead, you have to prioritize employee morale in order to increase productivity. Making your employees feel comfortable and valuable is an essential way to create an effective workforce, and you can do so in numerous ways. For example, you can offer your employees paid medical leave so that medical anxiety never detracts from their performance, or you can offer pay incentives for employees that meet certain performance goals. Simply making your employees feel like they can speak openly and honestly with you can make a world of difference.

Running a business is complex, but it can be simplified by using these tips.

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