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How to have a Merry Giftmas

Surprise your loved ones with a gift they actually need and like! Buying men gifts is a task many people dread. The choices are unfortunately a lot more limited and less fun. Countless fathers, brothers and partners are too familiar with receiving long green woolly socks or ties with strange, distracting patters. Gifting men with …


How To Choose the Perfect Engagement Ring

When you find the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, the big day can’t come soon enough. But before you pop the champagne and call the wedding planner, you need to propose. Sometimes, a proposal is a complete surprise. For modern couples, however, it’s often planned together. Either way, the …


Fail-Proof First Date Tips

Dating has changed dramatically in the recent years. From swiping to liking, dating apps have infiltrated the modern matchmaking scene, making the act of scoring a date more multifaceted and time consuming than ever before. Once you find an interesting match, the pressure typically increases to ensure the first date runs smoothly, but it does …


Staying Happy While Staying In

The recent health crisis has made a huge impact on everyday life. Sheltering in place forces most people around the world to push the pause button, but it’s certainly important to prioritize your health and stay safe. While life is set to return to normal in due time, there may be more situations in your …


Your Wellness Guide To Reforming Your Depression

Depression is as serious medical condition which needs immediate attention. One of the biggest causes of self-harm is depression and people have even committed suicide. For this reason you need to address the symptoms immediately and seek professional help. If however, you only feel somewhat blue on the odd occasion, you are at the right …