Decorative details to surprise at your wedding

Do you marry and fancy that your guests are surprised with the decoration chosen for your wedding? Let’s give you some ideas to choose the most beautiful accessories and accessories, so you can see different alternatives that you can customize to your liking to use them in this special day that you prepare with all the illusion. Flowers, pompoms, hearts, balloons, cages, slates … Where do we begin?

Wedding Decoration
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Posters to mark spaces

We start with a very cool idea to use if the wedding is held outdoors. It consists of placing different posters that indicate the different stages of the wedding. For example, one that points the way to the place of the ceremony, another that leads to the area of the aperitif, another to tell us where the dance is or even where to access the bathrooms. The wooden ones are very pretty and give it a very romantic touch with some vintage air. But you can also use metallic, for example. With slates, you will also be very cool.

Cages for tables

The decoration with cages is always very romantic. It allows many possibilities, and one of them is to use them at the wedding. You can put one as a centerpiece, only as decoration or also include the number so that the guests know where to sit. Play with colors and shapes, put some flowers inside, many small, some less bigger … As you like!

Wedding Decoration
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Photos, many photos

Surely, your guests are very gracious to find photos of themselves decorating your wedding. This may require more or less complicated research and compilation on your part; now with social networking can be simpler. Print several and hang them on a wall as a mural, for example, or put them where each person is going to sit. Complement them with other yours and you’ll see how well you spend watching them and remembering fun moments.

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Decorate the chairs

In a previous article we saw different ideas for decorating the wedding chairs and I cannot resist remembering them in today’s. And they can give a lot of play and allow many possibilities as we discovered at the time: flowers, ties, garlands, posters …

Flower crown

Although it seems to be a decoration that reminds us of Christmas, if we know how to set the wreaths with bridal touches the result can be very original. Look at these two examples. You can hang them from the branches of some tree if the link is held outdoors; you can put them in the chairs or a large one on a wall to make the photos inside the circle. Decorate them with the flowers that you have chosen for the rest of the decoration and the result will be very integrated.

Wedding Decoration
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Pennants and garlands of lights

We continue with ideas for outdoor links. Decorate the area of the ceremony or the invitation with cloth banners and / or garlands of lights. You can light them when night falls and give the atmosphere a style of the most beautiful and cozy. Use the colors that predominate in the rest of the decoration and surely you design a very romantic bridal setting.

The most fun photocall

The photocall has become an almost indispensable part of the wedding decoration. There is practically none and can help us decorate one of the corners of a very funny way. You can put a background on the wall and lay aside the props accessories to make the photos more graceful. And while the time comes, it will help to decorate the place.

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