Do you like necklaces? Trends and Uses of the Moment

When it comes to complementing your look, there are endless accessories that you can add to your outfit and change it completely. Necklaces are certainly the best allies to transform your outfit. Here are the main trends this season you can wear to complete your look

The cross is glamorous

The designers find it indispensable: the crucified fantasy invades the windows and now also accessories. Check the new myth of the crucifix, but they are not loyal to wear it, rather the fashion victim. Before t-shirts, sweatshirts then, now the necklaces: the cross seems to have become a real must, from which the designers do not intend to admit separations.

Seems to be the latter type that the fashion runways prefer, since it gives rise to a new style and quite unique: the cross belongs to look aggressive and extremely youthful, while the stones and the shape of a round neckline accessory are typical of necklaces stately and elegant. It is those oxymoron that at first “clash” view but then are expected to become very cool.

Necklaces in layers … Trendy this season!

It is one of the key pieces when dressing a casual look! Layers on layers, with stones, crystals, chains, quartz, charms, etc. All the options of this type of necklaces are valid!

These accessories come in gold or silver strings with three, four or more layers, pendants, boho style and delicate medals, some with a touch of color. It is a piece that you can wear every day on a low-cut blouse, a round neck or simply a turtleneck diver. You can also combine them with “chokers” if you opt for a Street Style!

CHOKERS … The trends of the 90’s invaded us!

Simple, elegant, suede, metal, elastic, lace, with pendants or pendants … all are in fashion, the chokers of the 90’s are necessary for this season! And as it did decades ago, now this accessory again tops the list of trends. From the celebs, fashion insiders to conventional women wear this accessory among one of their favorite pieces.

Saint Laurent, Balmain, Chanel, Dior among others have been the pioneers in complimenting their looks with this accessory on the runways in this season.

To use the chokers you can make your own mixture of layers with other necklaces. The best thing about the chokers is that you can use them with any outfit, whether casual, casual or elegant. Combine it with plain tops, blouses, and denim clothing!

Natural stones and quartz … A style for every day!

The fashion of natural stones is another that took the catwalks this year and the projections indicate that it will come with more force! Natural stones and minerals like opal, turquoise, amethyst, quartz, marble, and others are the protagonists of many casual looks and diary when choosing an accessory, try to combine them with fresh and casual clothes, light blouses or white nightgowns are options very wise to combine. They are translated into simple, neutral and natural pieces. Quartz has caused such a sensation that the tone “Rose Quartz – Rose Quartz” was chosen as the color of the year. Many even use them as talismans of good luck and energies. You can combine them with more pendants forming a multi-layer necklace!

Body chains … An accessory that comes with strength!

As the name suggests, “Body Chains” are a series of mini-chains that surround the body, can come from the neck to the abdomen and even skirt the shoulders, hips, and back. You can use them with subtle or pronounced necklines, with “cut-out” clothing wearing this accessory under a crop top or shorts are also ideal for decorating your bikini. If you prefer you can also wear the body chains on tight clothing or on a whole color.

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