Does the Internet Play a Major Role in Sex Addiction?

Sex addiction can affect people from all walks of life. While many psychologists believe that the more severe cases are linked to various personality and dependency disorders, the simple truth is that some factors may cause more of an impact on an individual that is biologically disposed to addiction.

At sex addiction treatment facilities, there are many ways of helping patients overcome their addiction that are specifically tailored for the cause of and the type of sex addiction. With all of the advancements in technology today, some are wondering if the internet plays a major role in sex addiction.

Virtual Sex Work/Worlds

Second Life, Virtual Sex Work, and Red Light Center are three of the most popular sexual interfaces for everyday people. In these worlds, individuals can engage in an array of sexual acts, including all types of fetishes, using an avatar. On the other side of the avatar is a real person. You can chat, voice chat, and even webcam with other individuals if you like. There are also sex workers in these virtual worlds, just like in real life. These individuals are paid for their virtual sex acts with you.

As one of the leading platforms for sex addiction, it is likely that this kind of internet platform can play a role in continuing the addiction. Individuals who are not willing to express their desires in real life can do so in this world. However, it is usually a gateway to wanting the real thing which is why virtual sex worlds are dangerous for individuals who already have some level of sex addiction.


Excessive watching of pornography is considered a psychological problem closely related to sex addiction. While it rarely involves actual physical activity, it still keeps the human mind actively engaged in sexual scenarios. This can be particularly dangerous for sex addicts who thrive on victimizing another individual. As there are numerous free pornographic sites catering to all types of fetishes and desires, this is another reason the internet can play a role in sex addiction.

Literary Porn

One aspect of the internet that isnt addressed often is literary porn. There are several popular websites and apps designed around hardcore pornography in the written form. These stories are often written in first person which makes them more realistic to the reader. Stories written with intense graphic detail are most popular. Some of the most popular markets within literary porn include forced submission, daddy-daughter fantasies, and extreme bondage.

Individuals with sexual addiction that is the result of an underlying psychological disorder may thrive on these stories and want to reenact them in real life when the words simply arent enough. Since there are countless websites, apps, and even e-books available online, this poses an additional correlation between the internet and sex addiction.

Treatment facilities are still trying to navigate tackling the internets role in sex addiction. The internet is a necessary part of everyday life for most individuals, which is why the challenge is so great. When seeking treatment, it is vital that an individual learn the different methods for avoiding this temptation to further their chances of success.

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