The Defender’s quest 2 gameplay and overview

Defender's quest 2

The Defender’s quest 2 gameplay and overview

Defender’s Quest 2 is a sequel to the game Defender’s Quest that was released in 2005. It has many similarities to the original but it offers new mechanics and more content to enjoy. The gameplay is more dynamic than the original and you can play it as an action-adventure, as well as a tower defense game. You have to defend your castle against waves of monsters by placing towers on various locations around your castle.

Defender’s quest 2 Gameplay

Defender's quest 2

The game has a much larger map, with more areas. You can play it on your own or race against computers and other players online by yourself or in teams of up to 4 people ( 1 – 2 players as human bombs ). There are various types of monsters that you have to defeat ranging from small little sprites who shoot tiny shots at your towers’ projectiles, skeletons which throw fast arrows at the towers , some powerful spiders … Unlike its predecessor there are many enemies that you can kill with your greatly improved traps!

Defer’s Quest 2 vs Defender’s Quest

It has a few easier monsters like Wood Zombies and zombie variants which drop wood instead of coins. You gain XP from killing them, but nothing is special about those types of enemies in the game . Some lesser known creatures also return : Barn Creatures ! These are flying houses who will drop farm upgrades to help defend against stronger attackers or give directionaly planned upgrades for some of your towers. Giant fire spitting Flamesocks who spawn in the very beginning ( on the tutorial map ) and another House that appears later as an enemy when you upgrade to level 5 , which drops a large part of gold coins !

Defender’s Quest 2 Changelog

The most significant improvement in the game is that you can now interact with AISCIENT’s level-editor to create your own maps. The editor includes tools for creating custom or unique monsters, specially coded towers and traps which add unimaginable depth to building up a defense strategy! Another great feature of the Editor allows players who have unlocked an item shop (which will be available at launch), yet are unwilling to spend money on premium currency i.e., gems to customize the shop, level-up and proceed with wave based maps.

Defender’s quest 2 Aesthetics

In demake mode and the second map, I have tried to emulate the original like as far as I could. The level-editor has allowed me to do some minor changes in almost every version but these are not implemented right now (if ever). For example : Rainbow colour changing tower is currently changed a lot , again it’s coming soon !

Defender’s Quest 2 plot summary & story time

The game follows on from where Defender’s Quest and Devokaar left off a year before. Arf, the hero of Defender’s Quest 2 has had his previous adventure go awry . Underestimating the strength Ludicris had over evil forces in her world , he was not prepared for sudden attack from demons until after all this turmoil is happening on Earth !

When our legendary defender finally returns to his home planet , Nobody who have joined him along-side during their memorable journey are left. Except for one occupant if his small spaceship – a blue hermit-like character in white hat , who has been announced by him as “A very good friend” called ‘Terrible Koopa’


Defender’s quest 2 is a great game. It has simple gameplay and an awesome story line. If you are interested in the game, do check it out on Google Play Store!

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