Everything fits perfectly in LEGO House, the new museum of Denmark

Raise the hand that has never played with his pieces (or stepped on one that has remained uncollected).Seeing a box of colorful pieces and not being able to resist is all one, so with children or without children this is a place that we have to put on our list of upcoming visits, becauseeverything fits perfectly in Lego House, the museum of LEGO in Denmark.

Okay, the same is a little far, but of course you have to take it into account if we are in the area, becausethe fun and joy are guaranteed when you enterand see the wonderful block constructions and of course with those options to play as if you were a child.And also sure that the environment of Billund is beautiful.

What are we going to find?

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We will have at our disposalmore than 12,000 square meters of museum with 25 million piecesin what is a new creative universe.Children and adults of all ages have to enter willing to live a great time.It is just opened this weekin Billund, which is the hometown of the pieces.

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In the heart ofLEGO Houseare the areas of expertise.There aretwo exhibition areas and four play areaswhere you can explore your creativity in lots of different ways.The zones aredivided into four different colors, each symbolizing a special aspect of the game and learning.Red is for creative skills, blue for cognitive skills, green for social skills and yellow for emotional skills.The philosophy of the house has always been learning through play promotes innovation and creativity.

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There are three large dinosaurs over 3 meters high that total a total of 602,645 pieces and the building itself reminds one of the typical constructions that are made with cubes when you are a beginner.

Payment areas and free zones

You can go to visit LEGO House and accesscertain areas that are free, but to enter the Blue, Yellow, Green and Red zones you need entrance, as well as for the ** Masterpiece Gallery and History Collection **.On the museum page you have instructions on how tobuy themin advance so that you do not find surprises or queues on arrival.

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LEGO Square is the reception of the museum, and in the center you will have an advance of the great sculptures inside: the tree of creativity.From there you have access to other public interior areas like theshop, the three restaurants and the Forum.It is also a way to go to enjoy the experience, eating inside themed restaurants.

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