Everything You Need to Know About Wide Floorboards

Wide floorboards are becoming more sought after. Their aesthetic appeal and durability mean many people are choosing the boards. If you want a classy touch in your home, then the floorboards come in a range of designs.

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Selling your house is difficult, and many houses are left on the market for a long time. Its a known fact that houses with wooden floors sell quicker.

Some Facts About Wide Floorboards

In the past many houses had wide floorboards, and they were seen as a sign of status and affluence. Due to the shortage of wood, carpenters began cutting and using thinner boards. Technology today has allowed wide floorboards to return, but they are easier to install and maintain. Most planks are two to three inches wide, which is much easier to manage.

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Advantages of Wide Floorboards

Technology has been able to produce new floorboards which dont shrink or expand, and they also make rooms look bigger.

There are many places offering long wide plank flooring, and they can advise on the best style for your home. The initial cost can be expensive, but the boards are long-lasting and look classy. Companies such as https://www.woodfloorwarehouse.ie/engineered-flooring/long-wide-plank.html can help.

If you choose to purchase hardwood planks, theyll last a lot longer and it’s easy to paint out any damage that appears.

Wide planks look best in bedrooms and living rooms. They attract attention, and the many designs provide rustic or contemporary looks.


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