Five museums to be inaugurated in 2017 and that can give us the perfect excuse for a getaway

Among modern art classics and history of fashion the cultural landscape of 2017 is written. At least in relation to new museums. In the coming months, new centers will be inaugurated throughout the planet and they hope to become a benchmark in their field. Even we hope to escape to visit them, from the United States to Cape Town, through Jakarta or Marrakech. These are the five most interesting that we have found …

Museum of American Writers | Chicago (United States)

Although it seems hard to believe, there is no museum in the United States dedicated to the country’s writers. At least until it opens the American Writers Museum of Chicago, which will explore the great voices of American literature , delving in their writing processes, their lives and works. It is expected to open its doors this spring.

MACAN Museum | Jakarta (Indonesia)

MACAN stands the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Nusantara, which will be the first museum dedicated to contemporary culture throughout Indonesia. Nearly 2000 square meters of building and about 500 sculpture garden, will house more than 800 works of local and foreign authors. The opening is scheduled for November.

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Bible Museum | Washington DC (United States)

If there is anything left over Washington DC is one of the great museums that touch all the sticks of American and global culture. The new addition to the National Mall will be the Museum of the Bible, a mass of nearly 40000 square meters dedicated entirely to the most influential book in the history of mankind. Its main feature is its modernity, with an interactive approach that allows visitors to enter the passages of the work. It will open its doors in November 2017.

Yves Saint Laurent Museum | Marrakech (Morocco)

Fashion could not be left out of the grand openings of 2017. Near the Majorelle garden will open the museum dedicated Yves Saint Laurent, incorporating more than 15000 accessories, 5000 pieces of clothing and original sketches of the great French designer. It will also include a library with more than 5000 volumes. It will open its doors in autumn, while his counterpart in Paris.

Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art | Cape Town (South Africa)

Cape Town is fashionable. And talked about the city as one of the favorite destinations for travel in 2017, partly due to the opening of Zeitz museum, which will become the first museum in Africa dedicated only to contemporary art, besides the largest built in over a century. It will focus on African artists, on the continent and in the diaspora, and will also feature a hotel built on its roof. We can enjoy it from September.

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