Five office interior trends for 2019

Office spaces continue to evolve rapidly with an emphasis on employee wellbeing. This recognition that the right surroundings lead to a happy team is very positive, so let’s discuss some of the most up-to-date trends in office interiors.

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1 Biophilic design

This office trend brings the humble office plant to the next level. It is all about introducing the natural world to the office; taken to extremes, we see ‘living walls’ made of plants, trees and moss. Connections with nature bring about a relaxed and calm office environment. This approach also sees natural materials such as stone and wood coming into the office space, with increasing natural light also important.

2 Collaborative working

Collaborative workspaces were the success story of 2018. Face-to-face interactions in these zones have been found to encourage a creative, sharing environment and improve relationships amongst employees. As there are multiple furniture options, even the smallest employer can configure the space for team building. Think carefully about how to get the most from the area; for example, you don’t want it to be under-utilised. When it works, your business will reap the benefits.

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3 Flexible spaces

These spaces can be quickly adapted to suit different functions; for example, benches and a table might be used for eating, meeting or breakout areas. Adjustable office furniture can transform a spot from a quiet space for reading to a busy area for brainstorming and meetings. New furniture solutions offer modern versatility, such as a sofa that converts into a bed.

Office fit out companies such as Mobius at Work should be your first port of call when redesigning your office space.

4 Experience-driven rooms

For employers with the space and budget, these environments are designed to give employees rewarding experiences and should help you to recruit and retain staff. Ideas range from yoga, gyms, cafes and meditation areas to games areas and even rock climbing walls. You should ensure that the activities on offer suit the ethos of your company.

5 Warm, welcoming and comfortable

As employee wellbeing becomes paramount, office furniture has evolved from dull functionality and one-size-fits-all. Colour schemes are now bright and bold, with a blurring between office and home interiors now in vogue. Furniture options with a view to character and comfort are endless – be as quirky as you like!


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