Five wonderful airlines that will make the flight with children an unforgettable trip

We have spoken on occasion about how difficult it can sometimes be to fly with children. The little space that is in the airplanes, the lack of activity, the pressure changes, the discomfort … can affect the smallest ones and turn the trip into an unpleasant experience, both for them and for us.

But what if the children could fly in a dream plane surrounded by their favorite Disney characters? Or if they had the opportunity to choose a fun and original menu to eat? What if on board they found people in charge of doing multiple activities with them? It’s not a dream. It’s the reality of some airlines, and we love it!

China Airlines and the Toy Story characters

wonderful airlines for childrenAs we read in Parents, China Airlines and the new Disney resort opened in Shanghai, have reached an agreement to convert one of the planes covering the route between Beijing and Shanghai in a real paradise for any child.

Both the exterior and the interior of the plane are decorated with characters from the movie Toy Story, and the flight attendants wear Mickey’s ears. Surely the kids love and enjoy a lot on board!

It is expected that this particular plane will also cover other routes in China. In addition, a Toy Story theme park will soon open at the Disney’s Hollywood Studios complex in Orlando, so who knows if this idea of China Airlines will not cross borders!

Qatar Airways offers gifts and rest assured to all children

wonderful airlines for childrenQatar Airways wants children to enjoy their trip, and to do so they offer a wide selection of blockbuster films as well as a bag full of entertainment and educational games.

Lunch time is also a party for the little ones, as they can enjoy fresh and healthy snacks presented in fun cafes, and then nap comfortably thanks to an interactive mask and ample seats specially reserved for them.

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Lufthansa and its fun and original children’s menus

wonderful airlines for childrenThe company Lufthansa has opted for the enjoyment on board of authentic culinary delights created especially for children. Among its fun proposals is the “turtle-shaped muffin”, the “Lu’s favorite lasagna” or the “mummified sausages”

The particularity of these dishes is that they have been chosen by a jury composed of children, and prepared by an expert cook in children’s food. Surely no child can resist!

In addition, in the menu menu children will find rich recipes, coloring drawings and fun hobbies. The choice of these menus must be made at the time of booking the flight, and they do not have an additional cost.

But in addition to these fun menus, children can have fun with children’s apps designed for them, music, series, movies and a variety of games for babies and children of all ages.

Gulf Air and its “nannies on board”

wonderful airlines for childrenThe airline Gulf Air, which covers destinations in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, has a nannies on board service called “sky nannys” that take care of the little ones during the flight, entertaining them with games and activities, and teaching them safety tips on the plane.

In addition to children of all ages, this airline also thinks of babies, offering cribs to make travel more comfortable and giving parents who need it a bag with toiletries, diapers and food.

Emirates offers prizes to children every time they fly

wonderful airlines for childrenThe company Emirates has a program specially designed for the little ones called “Skywards Skysurfers” with which they can earn miles each time they fly and exchange them for exclusive prizes and privileges.

In addition, parents can buy toys for children during the flight, and thanks to the agreement that the airline has reached with Lonely Planet Kids, small passengers can enjoy a backpack full of books, curiosities about the world, crafts and much more.

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