For A Spring Refresh Consider Refinishing Your Kitchen Cabinets

Springtime brings new opportunities to renew your home. Sure we’ve all heard of the annual “spring cleaning” but there are other ways to refresh every area of your house beyond simply eliminating long-standing clutter.

One of the more popular options for revitalizing your domain is by turning your attention to the kitchen. Remodeling projects are always a hit with homeowners but sometimes your budget can keep you from getting that much-needed work done in any room of the house.

For the kitchen, the flaws can be even more pronounced due to the fact that we spend so much time in this room. It’s often where we start our day, prepare our meals, and spend time together with friends and loved ones to enjoy those meals. Not to mention all of the entertaining that is done in here during parties.

But maybe you don’t need a complete overhaul of your kitchen. Think back to your spring cleaning, you’re not trashing everything you own, you’re just looking to refresh your domain. It’s the same thing with your kitchen, you like what you see, for the most part, but you just want to spruce the place up a bit.

The best and most affordable way to do that is with kitchen cabinet refinishing. Since your cabinets occupy a majority of your kitchen space they are going to be the thing you and your guests see first. Not only is refinishing an effective option for giving your kitchen a new lease on life, but you have a wide variety of choices as to how you should go about completing the job.

So the next time you walk into the kitchen for that early morning cup of coffee or a late night snack, have a look around. How do your cabinets make you feel? Are they still in top condition or does it look like they’ve seen better days? If it’s the latter, then you need to consider these choices:

Cabinet Veneers

Refinishing your cabinets can be done any number of ways, but among the more popular alternatives is through veneers. These are new facades placed over your existing cabinets to give them an entirely new appearance. Since you’re only replacing the front-facing panels of the cabinetry, you won’t be spending as much of your hard-earned dollar on completely new versions.

But considering how veneers work, in that a new panel is placed over the current cabinet face, you need to give your cabinets a good thorough inspection first. They need to be in good working order so that you’re not placing a new panel over a damaged door or drawer. That will hinder your refinishing job and set you back financially.

A New Paint Job

Veneers are sometimes a tough challenge to apply for certain types of cabinets and when you find that you’re having such a problem you may want to turn to an option that’s easier and even less expensive.

Painting your cabinets allows for you to refinish your cabinets by giving them a new color and sometimes that’s all you really need in order to get the job done. But much like with veneers, you should really make sure that your cabinets are in good working shape without any visible aesthetic or functional damage.

Otherwise, you’re just putting a new coat of paint on a cabinet that you will probably need to repair or replace shortly after you have the work done. Though the big difference here is that you can save some extra bucks by doing the job yourself. Make it a weekend project for you and your family and the kitchen will look brand new in no time.


If your cabinets are already in great shape and you like the color and style but they seem to have been in your home for decades, sometimes you can implement small subtle changes that can make it look as if your cabinets were just installed.

Some of these options include molding and replacement hardware. For the former, it’s all about paying close attention to the edges of the cabinets and applying new moldings to the doors and drawers. These small enhancements can make a big difference in revamping those old cabinets.

As for the latter, new hardware can do the same. That means swapping out the current knobs and handles on your existing cabinets and replacing it all with new designs. Selecting your replacements can be made simpler by choosing options that require the same number of drill holes as you have currently.

Now that you know some of the choices available to you, Escondido cabinet refinishing can apply these and other refinishing alternatives to make your kitchen a whole new room in the house.

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