Getting into Gardening What to do in the Garden in January

You may think that January is a month where there is not a lot going on, or much to be done in the garden. Whether you are just starting out, or are a seasoned gardener, it is always worth spending a lot of time on your garden as you will find there is a lot that can be done, even in the cold winter months that will reward you with a beautiful garden all through the year.

If it is flowers that are your favourite, January is the month to prune rose bushes and wisteria, as they are dormant at this time of the year it is the best time to prune them for the most spectacular summer displays. You may want to add more colour to your winter garden pots of winter pansies are always a good addition. Evergreen clematis is another plant that can liven the garden up at this time of the year too.

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If vegetables are your thing, January is the time to start harvesting leeks and parsnips. Home grown vegetables are perfect at this time of the year as an addition to a hearty winter stew or soup. You can start off potatoes if you would like too, but make sure that you cover them and place them in a container for protection from the harsh weather. If you are lucky enough to have fruit trees in your garden, now is the time to prune them whilst they are dormant.

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You may be considering additions to your garden. Now is the ideal time to do it so that it is ready for the summer. You may want to build a pond and add some water features. Ponds attract all sorts of wildlife to the garden, so your garden may become a valued home to frogs, newts and dragonflies! If you want to add a bit more to your garden and make a room where you can truly experience the beauty and tranquillity of your garden shepherds huts are a great idea. Experience your very own shepherd hut from and you will have your own little sanctuary within your garden. You may also want to start your own greenhouse January is the ideal time to set one up, as you can start off the plants that you intend to plant later in the year inside the greenhouse.

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