Having awareness of depression is the first step of treatment

Do you realize that depression requires treatment? It is not the dimension that you feel depressed and depressed, like your mind or the effort is not enough, so that your legs hurt when you get gouty, if you get depressed, it is a sickness, like feeling depressed, anxiety and frustration becoming stronger. So, if you are diagnosed with depression, you should be aware that yourself is sick and obey the doctor’s diagnosis obediently. Treatment for depression is important not only for family members but also for team play with your doctor, nurse, and patient, but first of all it is necessary for people with depression to have a strong feeling of curing disease.

Ask them to understand the people around and will be in depression, even although the person is also the tendency to try to hide in the well whole family now, how much is this depression got the social cognition, it is probably because embarrassing or sick employment is obstructed, and psychology that others do not want to know is working. However, it is better to honestly inform the diagnostic results to close friends and families. When trying to conceal it through a strange thing, the pressure for that may worsen the unnecessary medical condition, and stress that is the cause of the subject’s depression may also be unknown to the surroundings, so a very good result It is not supposed to be. If you do not know that you are depressed, thinking “the efficiency of work has gone down,” “I lost motivation,” “my relationship got worse,” and gradually beat the back door of you it becomes because the interpersonal relationship becomes more jerky.

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Keep away from stress Depression is a condition of stress, mind and body become frustrating and the whole body is exhausted, so let’s take a day off whenever a diagnosis is given. Taking a rest from the current environment slowly is the first treatment. People with depression have a very strong sense of responsibility, so few people are going to take a break from themselves, but if you continue to work and do your best, you will not only slow down depression, but also get worse it is conceivable. First of all, to relieve stress, rest is the most important thing for treatment.

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If job stress is the cause, think about taking a leave of absence Because of the circumstances of the family may be because, obviously in the case where work took place, it would be better for the company to take a rest. Some people refrain from thinking that their colleagues will inconvenience them, or that “evaluation at the company will fall,” or “I will never be able to return to the company again”, but depression Disease is a definite disease, so do not hesitate to take a rest for about a week. Since the aim is treatment of the disease, it should be told that your doctor ordered a leave of absence. Some people say that people with mild symptoms suffer from reduced stress and feeling sick. Recently, the company side also has problems such as death from overwork, so we are cautious about continuing the work, so we will be flexible.

Let everyone leave it to others People who become depressed cannot leave work to others, and there are many people who take care of themselves, so during the treatment period of depression, leave work and family to other people other than personal things is. Anyway, let ‘s make your mind and body easy.

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