What is self-care knitting?

What is self-care knitting?

Knitting obviously has practical applications in enabling you to make your own clothes and other items, but this is not the only reason so many people take it up as a hobby. Knitting is also a form of self-care with its soothing, calming effect. There is evidence it can provide a powerful boost to your mental health.

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Taking it slow

You cannot rush knitting. You have to choose your wool and your pattern, perhaps a knitting kit from a specialist such as www.woolcouturecompany.com/collections/knitting-kits, take any necessary measurements, and carefully follow the plan. This encourages you to take a breath and focus on what you are doing, letting go of negative thoughts in the process.

Sitting around doing nothing is not something everyone can do, but most people can benefit from quiet time. Knitting keeps your hands busy with simple, repetitive movements, whilst your mind is free. It is almost like meditation.

Sense of accomplishment

There is nothing quite like completing a project. If you are feeling overwhelmed by everything else in your life, knitting can present a small and achievable goal. Even finishing a small piece can allow you to feel a bit less hopeless, like you have accomplished something. You can also plan for the future, preparing yourself for when the weather turns by producing cosy clothing.

It is a hobby

Everyone needs a hobby that comes with no deadlines or pressure and is not an essential part of their livelihood. For some people, it is music or sports; for others, it is knitting.

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Self-care can take many forms depending on what you as an individual find soothing. For many people, self-care means knitting. In this way, they can keep their hands busy whilst their brain slowly relaxes and lets go of any sources of stress.

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