Healthier hair and skin – your New Year resolution

All of us take great care of our physical health. However, one aspect of our physical health that we fail to give importance to, or not give sufficient importance to, is our skin and hair. Caring for your skin and hair is not only an essential part of grooming but also of your health. If you are someone who needs motivation to go through the routine of skin and hair care, make a New Year’s Resolution and get starred with these tips on how to maintain the goodness and health of your skin and hair:

  1. Mandatory Moisturize

Whatever the season may be, you need to apply moisturizer daily. There is a misconception that our skin requires additional moisturising only during the winters as it causes dryness, but actually our skin requires a moisturizer throughout the year. It will prevent you from developing scaly skin in the future. Check out the various NEW YEAR OFFERS for customised gifts you can give yourself to motivate to stick to the resolution! Also, if you are someone who prefers to take long hot baths, you may want to lessen its frequency as it is a sure shot way of losing essential skin moisture.

Healthier hair
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  1. For your feet!

Our feet are more often than not the most ignored part of our body when it comes to skin care, even though they bear the brunt of our everyday workload. It’s about time to treat them with the respect they deserve; exfoliate your sole and heel once a week with pumice stone to get the dead skin off. Moisturising it every day before bed also works wonders for its health.

  1. Care for your hair

Shampooing and conditioning your hair is not enough. Get some natural oils with Vitamin E and gently massage your scalp with it before you shampoo your hair. If you have dandruff concerns, you could opt to use tree tea oil instead.

  1. Prevent chapped lips

Chapped lips are a universal concern with a thankfully easy solution. Use any lip balm from a decent company and use it regularly, not just when you have to step out. If you have very dry lips, Vaseline is a better option. For flaky lips, use a toothbrush with soft bristles and gently exfoliate your lips regularly.

  1. Include Vitamin C in your diet

If there is one element that will surely add to the health of your skin, it is Vitamin C. Include green leafy veggies (yes, stop groaning) and citrus fruits rich in Vitamin C to boost the production of collagen which is an essential protein to maintain healthy skin tissue.

Although maintaining your New Year resolution can be difficult, ensure that you see this one through as it will leave you with the highest rewards- a fresh looking skin, and healthy hair!

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