How to give your park home the show home look

How to give your park home the show home look

Transforming your park home into an Instagram-worthy space need not cost the earth or involve copious amounts of labour. Breathe new ideas and colours into your space quickly and easily by following a few simple tips.

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Interior trends currently include vintage vibes, heritage colour palettes, and “dopamine décor” where colours, textiles and textures are used in your home to promote feelings of joy and happiness.


Start with a mood board to collate your ideas. Include colour schemes, textures, and accessories such as ornaments and lighting.

Neutral tones leave a space feeling bright, airy, and on-trend. However, don’t be afraid to go bold with a statement wall or accessories that reflect your style and personality.

Ensure your colours are coordinated. Start with a palette of neutrals and add in accent colours.

Natural light boosts brain power and productivity. Make the most of windows with suitable curtains and blinds that allow light to stream into your space.

Symmetry provides balance and calm. Dress your sofa with matching side tables at either end or think about grouping accessories in sets of 3, so that you have right, left and centre pieces.

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Accessorise your space with colour-matched items or add on-trend plants or pampas to provide texture and a hint of natural beauty.

Park Homes

Park homes start as a blank canvas, in neutral colourways that are easy to accessorise and get creative with, just waiting for you to personalise. They also come with an abundance of natural light. Kitchens, bathrooms, and other costly essentials are readily installed in shades of white, cream, grey or timeless wood – it is easy to visualise how you will customise your space to make it into your dream home. For Gloucester park homes for sale, including images of their stunning interiors, visit a specialist site such as

Whether you already own a park home or you are looking to purchase, view your space with an open mind and you will clearly see the options to customise and personalise your space are endless.

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