Vintage kitchen ideas to try

Vintage kitchen ideas to try

Kitchens are the hub of the home where meals are cooked and time is spent with friends and family. No matter the size of your kitchen, giving it an aesthetic that appeals to you makes it a welcoming environment you can look forward to coming home to.
If you are thinking about a kitchen refurb, one way to add personality to your kitchen is by using vintage styles in your décor. Here are some vintage kitchen ideas to try.

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Classic Colours

Colour trends come and go with different eras. For example, as shown in BHG, in the 70s, colours such as mustards and browns were all the rage. Or how about a pop of neon pink or yellow for a fun twist on 80’s style? If you have a favourite era, adding colours that remind you of that time will inject fun and personality into your kitchen refurb.


Flooring can transform the look of any kitchen. Black and white flooring tiles are a tried and tested design that will give your kitchen a vintage diner feel. Small terracotta tiles can give a cosy, old farmhouse effect. Or, you could choose vinyl, laminate or tiles with a vintage pattern to add a retro look to the room.


Kitchen accessories add both style and function to any kitchen refurb. Weighing scales, kettles, clocks and more come in a range of styles, some of which hark back to the past. You could also search online or visit vintage shops to get genuine pieces that appeal to your sense of style.

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Choosing vintage elements and décor is a fun way to add a classic twist to your kitchen refurbishment and create a style that is personal to your tastes. Don’t be afraid to experiment – enjoy creating the stylish kitchen of your dreams.

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