Why is my sink draining slowly?

Why is my sink draining slowly?

Many of us have turned on the tap or poured something down the sink, only to come back minutes later to see the contents still there, making washing up or bathing impossible. But what causes this, and how can you fix it?
Why your drain is draining slowly

The most common reason is a blocked pipe or drain. Hair and fat are common culprits, but other items can also cause blockages. You should also check for more superficial obstructions, like food gathered at the plughole, which may solve the problem easily.

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How to fix a slow-draining sink

Step 1: Try drain unblocker and cleaning fluids as a first step

Drain-unblocking fluids contain enzymes that will dissolve common blockages like hair, food and fat while minimising damage to your pipes. You should follow the instructions on the bottle or package carefully and always wear gloves. While products vary, most involve pouring a liquid down your sink, leaving time for it to work, and then flushing with warm water.

Step 2: Try plunging

You can also try plunging the sink, which can dislodge large obstructions. Plungers are commonly available in most DIY shops. Water provider SSE has written this handy guide to plunging. Combining this with a drain cleaning fluid can be a great combination to clear your sink blockage.

Step 3: Call the pros

If the common remedies have not worked and your sink is still blocked, then it’s time to call in the professionals. It may be that your sink requires a bigger intervention that only a professional can do, like pipe repair or drain lining in Gloucester.

Those dealing with a serious plumbing issue should get quotes from a number of firms. There are many specialists who provide plumbing and drain lining Gloucester who will be able to identify the exact source of the problem and offer solutions.

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The final word

Although many people get anxious about undertaking minor plumbing work themselves, if you follow these easy steps, and follow all safety instructions, you are unlikely to make the problem worse.

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