How to Achieve the Perfect Wedding Guest Look

As we enter into the start of the spring, it is also the beginning of another much anticipated season, and thats wedding season. There is plenty of attention paid to what the bridal party wears, but what about you as a guest? Do you sometimes struggle to find that perfect wedding guest look?

You obviously want to put the effort in and look nice, but at the same time, you want to be careful not to overdress for the venue and the event. Here are some tips you can use as you figure out what to wear.

Dressing for a Formal Wedding

Where it used to be that formal weddings were all the rage, this trend seems to be fading as of late. Even still, you may get an invitation to a formal wedding. The event may go so far as to be deemed a black tie affair, in which case it is the ultimate level of formality.

For a formal wedding, it is recommended that women opt for a formal gown or cocktail dress. Just be careful you don’t pick something that will upstage the bride. As for color selection, a dark neutral color is always a safe bet. For the men, a suit jacket, tie, and trousers are ideal. You can find all of these pieces at, where you can even place a custom order.

Dressing for a Semi-Formal Wedding

A semi-formal wedding means you can choose clothing that is a bit more casual than formal wear. Women can still wear a cocktail dress, but a floor length gown would be out-of-place. A blouse and skirt or dress pants would also be appropriate for women.

As for the men, once again a jacket and tie are great, but it can be more casual. You can also play around with color when it comes to a semi-formal wedding.

Dressing for a Garden or Backyard Wedding

A garden wedding is usually the most casual venue and there arent really any rules here. Women can wear a sundress, skirt, or even linen pants with a lovely blouse. Feel free to add color, patterns, and light to your outfit.

For men, there is no need to wear a jacket and tie; even dress trousers arent compulsory. Instead, you can opt for a nice pair of slacks in a neutral color and a button down shirt.

Dressing for a Beach Wedding

This particular venue is one that can throw guests for a loop. Yes, its a beach wedding, but that doesnt mean you show up in your beach wear! Instead, follow the same sort of etiquette as a garden or backyard wedding. The only difference is that you can wear sandals since they are more practical on the beach. You may also want to include a hat in your outfit if you are planning on sitting out in the hot sun on the beach during the ceremony.

Hitting the Perfect Note

Now that youve had help figuring out what to wear, youll be sure to hit that perfect note and achieve the ultimate wedding guest look.

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