How to Avoid Distractions and Stay Focused in College

Doing well in college is a lot of pressure. Your grades aren’t the only factor in your life. If you’re like many college students, you have a part-time job, friends, text messages, and relationships. It’s important to manage stress in college. Otherwise, you will get too overwhelmed.

One way to beat stress is to avoid distractions. This is easier if you schedule your tasks. If you create a to-do list, then you can know exactly when to do each assignment based on when it’s due and how much time you need. A paper planner is a great place to write things down and make lists. The act of writing itself helps to improve your memory, but setting reminders on digital devices can help too.

Keep Your Digital Life in Check

Don’t check social media or text friends when you need to be focused on a task. If you can turn off text messaging on your phone, and notifications in general, that’s the best thing. Close out browser tabs you don’t need. You can be much more efficient if no websites or apps are open that don’t pertain to work you’re doing at the moment.

Organize Your Work Tasks

Procrastinating won’t contribute to your success at Chicago State University. One way to avoid it is to break down projects into smaller parts. Complete specific tasks and sub-tasks in 40-50 minute increments. You should have a 10-minute break in between. Breaks help retain information and have been found in research to increase one’s productivity.

Being organized also means clearing your desk. Make sure your workspace isn’t messy and there’s less in the way. Clutter can add to the confusion and even cause anxiety. Clean up stacks of papers, and keep only essential items visible.

It’s also important to work in the right place. If it helps, find a silent space in a library to focus on NEC’s online masters in accounting. You may, however, be the type that doesn’t mind a little background noise. A coffee shop may do in that case.

Reward Your Efforts

Positive feedback has never hurt anyone. Neither has rewarding yourself. A reward system may help you feel more motivated, so get that essay done and take a nap afterward. You can spend some time reading an interesting topic online or watching an entertaining TV show.

Staying focused on your college work means avoiding what distracts you. It also requires scheduling your work and breaks, so you are able to concentrate when you are studying. Focusing can be a challenge in itself. Once you master it, you will work more efficiently and find there’s time for other activities as well.


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