How to decorate dining room and kitchen united

A living room – dining room attached to the kitchen has many decorative possibilities. Today we tell you some ideas to decorate this area of ​​your home so that both environments are differentiated, if you want, but always connected. Discover how it is possible to give this open space a very personal and welcoming touch.

dining room and kitchen united

Unified decoration

You can create a kitchen and dining area with similar decoration to visually be a unified space.

For this, you can use the same floor for both environments and also the same colors and materials in the furniture. It combines, for example, the wood of the kitchen cupboards with the same one of the table of the dining room, or the steel of a lamp with the one of the extractor hood, or the color of the textiles or of the own furniture. You have several possible combinations.

United spaces but visually differentiated

Now let’s see another option. In this case, I suggest you visually differentiate both spaces through small tricks that will help you achieve it.

For example, choose a different floor for the kitchen area or place a rug in the space where you have the sofa in the living room. You can also change colors and materials, although being two spaces together I recommend that although they contrast they have some coherence with each other. You can combine shades of the same range or choose complementary colors.

dining room and kitchen united

An American bar to separate

An idea that I like very much when it comes to decorating an open space that a living room and kitchen is to place an American bar to separate both areas. Besides being very practical to have more space for cooking also allows you to eat or dine in it, being able to sit on both sides of it.

Visually creates that difference between both environments and is a very functional element at home.

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Kitchen furniture camouflaged (or not …)

If you want to design a bright and spacious open space you can camouflage in some way the furniture and appliances of your kitchen. This will make everything more integrated with the rest of the stay. You can do it by placing the same color as the wall and even covering the appliances with furniture of this hue.

Everything depends on the style you choose for this area of ​​your home, because if you opt, for example, for something more rustic furniture will be very nice if they are fully visible and contrast with the rest. Look at this example in which the kitchen is decorated in a darker color. The result is equally beautiful, do not you think?

dining room and kitchen united

Decorative details that unify

Although you choose to differentiate both spaces through colors and materials, you can place small decorative details that unify and provide that visual coherence of the one I spoke to you before.

It occurs to me that, for example, you can place some plants or flowers in both areas, in the dining room and in the kitchen, to give a natural and colored touch to the whole space. There are indoor plants that will be wonderful in both places.

Another idea may be to hang pictures of a similar theme that have a continuity between both areas or choose some other detail such as the same pattern for the living room carpet and kitchen rags, for example.

The lighting

When decorating both environments keep in mind that they will have different lighting needs, so in this case we will have to think of the kitchen and the living room as separate rooms in which we will have to analyze where we need more light and what type.

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