How to decorate your wedding venue cheaply

Spending a fortune on extravagant wedding décor and accessories is going out of fashion. As the cost of the modern wedding has spiralled upwards in recent years, the focus for couples now is making savings and thankfully, there are loads of ways to do that.

Here are some creative, often DIY decoration ideas that can make your day look great without breaking the bank:

  1. Budget Home Stores

While you might think shopping in these types of stores is only for living room or kitchen décor, think again. You can find some great little bargains that make ideal table decorations or centrepieces. If the colour isn’t right, think about using some spray paint or some cheap additions so you can customise them to perfectly fit your theme.

  1. Think Rustic

If you want to save money and have a great theme, consider going rustic. You can get away with all sorts with this theme, as rustic essentially translates to classic yet shabby. Things don’t have to be perfect and you can include items that are DIY, upcycled or basic. It’s a very on trend look – rough around the edges but sophisticated and minimal. You can achieve a rustic look that’s beautiful and elegant, not cheap and tatty. Finding a great value venue that will advise and assist in your planned decorations also makes a big difference. For a great Hotel Wedding Venue in Gloucester, visit

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  1. Fake Flowers

If fresh flowers are out of your budget, artificial flowers can look even more beautiful than the real thing. Whether you want to get crafty and make your own from crepe paper, knitted flowers or fabric or you want to buy them ready-made, they are cheaper, non-staining, non-allergenic and last a lot longer!

  1. Use Nature

Why not get your decorations free of charge by taking a walk in the countryside and picking some natural items? Pinecones, leaves, feathers or shells – they are readily available and free. There are tons of ideas for arranging natural items in beautiful ways and if nature is important to you, this could be the ideal theme.

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  1. Dare to DIY

Don’t be afraid to get creative and you’ll be amazed at far you can stretch your budget. There are loads of online tutorials that will show you how to make and create all manner of decorations using cheap materials that will look stunning. When you buy a pre-made item, you are paying a considerable mark up for labour costs and by doing the job yourself, you are cutting out those labour costs.

DIY doesn’t have to be complex or stressful if you give yourself plenty of time to source materials and make the items. You can even rope in family members and bridesmaids to help you out.


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