How to get fit outdoors without gym kit?

Don’t fancy another evening trapped in the gym listening to mind-numbing music? Get outdoors! The best way to get more exercise in your life is to ditch the lycra and embrace nature.

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1. Get in the garden

If you don’t have a garden, get an allotment. Digging isn’t glamorous, but it is great exercise! Bashing out a few trenches for potatoes or pulling out perennial weeds is a great way to get into a sweat. You’ll be growing loads of healthy foods, too! For more outdoor fitness inspiration, see,,20531849,00.html.

2. Get a dog

Dog walking is a great way to get fit and explore the countryside. Even if you live in an urban location, you can enjoy pelting around the park with your pooch. If you don’t want the responsibility of a dog of your own, offer to walk friends and neighbours furry pals. They will be eternally grateful, and you will be doing great things for your health.

3. Get on a trampoline

Unleash the big kid in you, and go to an outdoor trampoline park, or just buy one of your own to install in your back garden. Trampolines are popular amongst young children, but you can buy ones which are suitable for adult use. Theres no more enjoyable way to get fit than to practice your somersaults and seat drops. You may want to avoid doing this in front of your children, though, to spare their blushes.

4. Get a climbing frame

You will have to pretend it is for your children or grandchildren, but childrens wooden climbing frames are a great addition to your garden and your fitness regimen. If you have children, watch how they play. Get involved, and try to put as much oomph and energy into it as they do. Unsure which to buy? Try these from

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5. Surf

OK, so you do need some special kit, but if you live anywhere near a beach, bust out your board. Even the act of learning to balance on a surfboard works muscles you didn’t even know you had. If you find it too daunting, try boogie boarding, where you lie down on a special float and chase the waves. Its exhilarating enough to get your heart rate up, and much more fun than being stuck on the step machine.

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