How to get your teen to clean their room

Teens are not known for their tidiness and most are content to spend time in a bedroom that is terribly cluttered. On the whole, boys are worse culprits and you’re likely to find old drinks, snacks, plates of half-eaten food and wet socks hidden around the place. We might tear our hair out over it, but it’s no surprise. Cleaning isn’t the most enjoyable task! However, life lessons in hygiene and responsibility must be learned, so how do we encourage them to want to keep their space pleasant?

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This is a battle that continues to rage through the generations. A teen’s room is their first taste of independence and they might argue that it’s up to them if they tidy it. As long as they are not living in a genuine health hazard, they have a point but here are some ideas to gently encourage them:

  1. Set an example

If you’re not too hot on the whole housework and tidying up thing, then you can’t expect them to be either. Young people are far more in tune with seeing what we do as opposed to what we say so if you’re consistent in your approach to cleaning and tidying, they will view this as the norm and hopefully replicate it.

  1. Make it convenient

Unless it comes across as not too much like work, you’re more likely to get them on board. Don’t demand that it’s done in 5 minutes flat before they want to go out. Agree on a convenient time when everyone is relaxed. Let them play loud music while they do it and leave them to it, feeling responsible for their own space in a fun way. Let them have a break and a snack, if it’s a big job.

Consider furniture that will make life easier, such as fitted wardrobes to keep floor space free. A stylish, contemporary sliding door wardrobe might be enough of an incentive for a teen to tidy up, especially if looks great and is simple to use. For Hampshire Fitted Wardrobes, visit Lamco. Lamco Design provide Hampshire Fitted Wardrobes of excellent quality and design.

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  1. Make a start

Open the windows, leave a bin bag in the middle of the room, supply dusters and wipes or leave the laundry basket in the room. Take the vacuum cleaner to their room, leave a supply box of cleaning products and let them know what’s needed. That way, there can be no excuses of not knowing what to do or not having the right equipment.

  1. Give them some say

Yes, it’s their space but it’s your house so agree to meet in the middle. You want their room kept clean and tidy, but they can control over decisions, such as décor, paint colour, bed linen and posters etc. Let them position the furniture how they want it, for example. This control might be enough to convince them of their responsibility to keep it well-maintained.


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