How to increase the fans of my Facebook Page?

One question we often ask ourselves or many blogs or forums:

How can I increase the “like” on my Facebook page?


How can I get more fans?

Today we’ll tell you some possible ways to increase your base fan, starting from some basic awareness:

  • The increase in fans can not and should not be your only goal on Facebook: Often we tend to give this metric more importance than it has. In reality it is one of the many voices that help us to understand the trend of our activity in this social network and must be inserted in a broader context in which we have established specific performance indicators for our business objectives.
  • It does not do any good to get more fans if they do not fit our targets: There are many ways to increase the number of “likes” on our page, including inviting all our friends or, worse, buying fan packages. If our fans do not correspond to people really interested in what we offer our company presence in this environment will be completely useless.

That’s why having a stratospheric number of non-targeted fans will not lead you to anything, neither in terms of engagement nor in terms of business.

That said, we suggest some strategies to increase the number of your fans in an easy way and, above all … business-oriented!

Facebook Page

1. Invite your friends … in target!

We know that the temptation to invite “all” friends to connect with their Page is so great, but, as we said before, it is not rewarding from a business perspective.

You can certainly invite your friends, however, selecting those that correspond to demographic characteristics and interests to your target audience!

2. Invite your customers with a dedicated e-mail!

Your customers should be the first to want to establish an online connection with your company.

If you have a database of e-mail addresses create a dedicated e-mail in which you invite them to follow you on Facebook , perhaps relying on a benefit designed just for the fans of your page (previews, discounts reserved …) that gives them one more reason to want to follow you.

You will have noticed that  you can also send an automatic e-mail and created from Facebook to a list of addresses through the “Expand public” button, but we still recommend that you prefer a personalized e-mail.

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3. Interact with Pages of products / services that interest your targets!

As you know, you can not go directly to engage fans in their Personal Profiles, but you can also make yourself known through Pages that you know that they follow, thus increasing the visibility of your company.

This does not mean going to “break the boxes” to the pages of your competitors (they would tell you!), How much to select a number of Pages that collect the interest of the people you want to reach and interact with the posts that are published.

If you have an accommodation you can comment, like and share the posts of the Pages that represent your destination, if you are a freelancer you can “make yourself heard” in the pages of the industry and show your expertise on the subject:

These are just some examples of how to interact on Facebook even outside the “territory” bounded by your Page.

One of the latest updates of the algorithm of Facebook tends to give greater scope to posts where another page is tagged, also uses this trick!

4. Enter a visible link to your page on the website!

Your website must be the primary space in which the “social” propensity of your company is told: it is therefore important to insert visible references to your Facebook page (not a 25 px mini-icon hidden in the meandering footer), using the tools that the Social Network itself makes available to you as the like box.

Also use social icons in headers and footers and do not forget to mention the added value of connecting with your company if required (e.g. special discounts, previews, reserved offers = “Become our fan to take advantage of special discounts!”).

Obviously it  coordinates all the digital material in a social perspective, including e-mail signatures, digital brochures, e-books, whitepapers and so on.

5. Postpone from off-line to online … and vice versa!

Obviously, even in your shop / company you must know how to communicate your presence on Facebook, through stickers, window stickers, QR-code, coordinated promotional material and … not only:

If you offer free WiFi to your customers there are fantastic services like Bluemoz which subordinate access to the Internet to a simple “Like” on your Facebook page: in practice people will be able to connect to the Net only after becoming fans of yours Page and who is more targeted than a customer of your structure?

6. Create well-structured and structured ADS campaigns

You know that Facebook is not a space where companies can promote themselves “for free” and that Facebook ADS have become an indispensable tool.

Create ad hoc campaigns, profile users based on demographic characteristics and interests of your target and offer them a good reason to become a fan of your page!

As mentioned above it does not matter so much (and only) the amount of people who follow you: How much quality?

7. The rule of all rules: offer valuable content to those who follow you!

It should be more than clear, but it is still worth repeating:

If you do not publish valuable content, interesting content for the people you want to involve, you will not take people to become your fans (in fact you will lose them).

The best way to get the attention of your targets is to offer them a good reason to establish a relationship with your Page and it’s the short, medium and long term strategy you need to think about.

What can your company tell through Facebook?

Why should people become fans of your Page?

What is the added value you want to bring in this environment?

There are those who daily offer industry news, who learn more, who discounts and offers reserved, who can tell stories every day involving people, who tells facts already known, but in an original, fun and unique: your What gives you?

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