How to know the ideal size of the TV for your room

When itcomes to us with a new TVat home we always look at a number of features.Thescreen resolution, design, technologies that have and of course, the inch screen.A latter aspect that sometimes we do not give all the importance it really has.

And here size does matter.Not the same a TV 55 inches for a small room that a 42 inch to a large living room.We must choose the right size for where yougo placed the TV so this is the first question we must ask,what size to choose?

TV size
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We must determine the space available at home, more specifically ofhow far the TV let’s sit downand be the distance between the screen and us is the first factor to consider before choosing TV.If we are very close to the screen can be annoying but it is small and we are far it could be uncomfortable.

The first thing to consider is thata larger screen size does not mean that we have more quality viewing.So if the screen is very big and we are too close tothe image will be pixelated, while if it is too small willnot see the details correctly, regardless of the quality of the screen.

How to choose the size of the TV?

So we come to the key question,how tochoose the size of the TV?

It sounds easy right?Do not sing victory, because the recommended distance varies withthe screen resolution so we have to choose a screen resolution according to the viewing distance and the diagonal is more advisable.In that sense we can use the following table tochoose the ideal sizeor at least to get an idea.

Of 1 to 1.5 meters Between 19 and 24 inches Between 40 and 46 inches
1.5 2 meters 19 inches Between 26 and 32 inches Between 46 and 55 inches
2 to 3 meters Between 24 and 32 inches Between 32 and 46 inches Between 60 and 85 inches
3 to 4 meters 32 to 40 inches Between 46 and 55 inches 85 inches or more

Thus we see howimportant variations in sizeon the diagonal of the screen to use depending on the resolution of it.Growth in that resolution allows greater diagonal to enjoy ashorter distance as we will have greater detail.

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Benefits of 4K resolution

In this sense the Ultra High Definition technologybad also called 4K, toprovide 4 times more resolutionthan a Full HD television offers a greater number of pixels so that the image has more detail regardless of distance.

We must also assessother less assessable circumstancesin terms of numbers overall and is the brightness of the room or the height to which we willplace the TV, and if we use the wall bracket or stand.

However this small table can bea good starting pointto begin discard measures and sizes when buying a new TV for our home.

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