How To Lay Vinyl Tile

Laying a vinyl floor is a time-consuming process, the correctness of which depends on how long it will last. In this article, we will consider the basic principles of laying vinyl tiles.

1) It is very important that when laying vinyl the base of the floor is completely dry and clean. If you do not adhere to this recommendation, the moisture will accumulate under the coating, over time, destroying it and the glue that holds the vinyl.

2) If you plan to lay vinyl tiles in a room with high humidity, then the concrete base before the laying process needs to be covered with a special layer of waterproofing material. You can proceed to lay only after excluding humidity and completely leveling the concrete base.

3) The vinyl tile purchased at the building store must lie in the room for at least 24 hours in which to lay. In addition, it is necessary to mark out the area of concrete, which will allow you to lay vinyl as flat as possible.

4) To work with vinyl, the following tools are needed: for maximum precision marking – knives with trapezoid blades; for finishing cutting vinyl tiles – knives with hook-shaped blades.

5) When laying the vinyl floor diagonally, as a rule, a lot of waste remains, so it is recommended to install the stack in parallel. Counting the required number of tiles must be based on how it will fit – in parallel or diagonally. By the way, you can buy Karndean Korlok art vinyl flooring, which is good to cut in shape as you need.

6) In order not to damage the vinyl coating, it is recommended to use acrylic adhesive or glue, which is recommended by the Karndean Korlok of tiles. Before the gluing process, you should carefully read the instructions to the glue to wait for the required time to “ripen” the glue. In other words, before gluing the tile, it is necessary to wait a certain time after applying the adhesive to the base of the floor. Often this time ranges from 5 to 10 minutes, although there is also such glue, the time of “maturation” which can be 30 minutes.

7) To work with vinyl, you need a special notched trowel with removable blades of various types, which allow applying glue evenly to the concrete floor of the floor. In addition, to cut the vinyl (near the walls) you need a clerical knife.

8) In order for the vinyl coating to last as long as possible, it is necessary to avoid getting debris and air under the coating during the gluing process.

9) It is not recommended to lay vinyl close to the walls; it is desirable to leave a gap of several millimeters.

10) In order for the vinyl coating to stick well to the bottom of the floor, after gluing it is recommended to grind the vinyl with a special board or metal rollers.

As you can see, observing several rules for laying a vinyl floor, even a beginner can achieve a positive result in this matter. In addition, after laying the joints between the plates do not need to handle a special solution. An exception can only become rooms with a high level of humidity, where the seams at the joints are sealed with the so-called cold welding. In addition, do not forget that the joints at the joints can begin to be closed only two days after laying the vinyl flooring. If you do not adhere to this rule, then it is possible to get a defective edge of the floor.

Beautiful vinyl floors in your home!

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