How to maintain a healthy winter? 10 tips for Ayurveda

We all feel the lack of sunlight and heat in the winter, and hence the lack of energy. How to deal with this state of apathy, how to support your body with gloomy winter days, where you can gain energy and find the source of strength for important things during this difficult period for the body.

The doctor told us about 10 major Ayurvedic principles that will help make our frosty winter an equally productive and useful period for the body, like other seasons …

1. We observe a special regime of the day

In winter, compliance with the regime of the day is particularly important. The night increases, and the day decreases – naturally nature gives us the opportunity to rest more.

The winter period is not intended for intensive loads. Therefore, people actively vacationing in the summer and plunging into work with a head in the winter, make some mistake. In winter, people should work in moderation.

In addition, in the winter, the time of sunrise comes later, which means that the period in Ayurveda shifts. It still comes 1-1.5 hours before sunrise. Also, Ayurveda is not recommended for daytime sleep, as it strengthens – it slows down metabolism and damps the digestive fire, which is already weak in winter.

2. Start the day with the exercises

After awakening and the necessary hygienic procedures, we must necessarily work out the morning exercises. The most preferred exercises during this period are if you do not have any contraindications, then the most useful in this period: stand on the shoulders, stand on the head, the pose of fish, the pose of a grasshopper, the pose of a boat, the pose of a bow, the pose of a camel and the pose of a lion. The latter I especially recommend, because it is a preventive measure for diseases of the upper respiratory tract. But in general, all these exercises are useful for the respiratory system – they improve blood circulation, especially in the airway, throat, clean the nasopharynx and relieve congestion.

3. Do not forget about breathing exercises

The respiratory system in winter is very vulnerable, so breathing exercises are also useful during this period. Especially it is necessary to pay attention to the breath of fire. And then it is recommended to breathe for 3-4 minutes through the right nostril – this helps warm up and improve blood circulation.

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4. Moisturize and warm the body with morning oiling

The oiling of the body must be performed daily before taking a shower. The most suitable choice for this procedure is sesame oil.

A small amount of butter, 30-40 ml, must be warmed up: pour it into a metal bowl, put it in a bowl with boiling water of a larger size and keep it. It gives a good warming effect.

Rub oil into the body better from the bottom up in the following sequence : neck, shoulders, hands, chest, stomach, back, hips, legs, feet. After a few minutes of waiting, if the body is dry, sesame oil will be absorbed completely – it penetrates through all layers of the skin. If the skin is slightly oily, then you need to wash off the remains of the oil with a special Ayurvedic remedy.

The recipe is killed: Oatmeal (only if not found, then it is better to grind in a grinder in a coffee grinder) gradually dilute with warm water until a thick cream is obtained. At one time, you will leave about 1 tablespoon with a slide of this mass. Apply the resulting paste to the entire body, except the scalp. Do not be surprised if there is a feeling of cooling – we remove the layer of oil that kept the heat. And after that we just wash the body under the shower.

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5. We turn to winter diet

Winter is the time to refuse or seriously limit the ration of products from flour of the highest grade, confectionery and pastries. This is the best period for increasing the number of winter spices in the menu. Ginger and black pepper best reduce the accumulation of mucus and maintain immunity. What are the rules for each meal separately?


In winter, it should be nutritious or, as modern nutritionists say, it is caloric. Contrary to common misconceptions, be sure to include in the morning menu cereals.

Ayurveda advises each meal to accompany the reception of cereals. Oatmeal, barley, corn porridge, khichri (a traditional Ayurvedic dish from rice and masha) are the most favorable in the winter.

Also an hour after breakfast you can drink hot herbal tea.


Daytime meals are best arranged at 12.00-13.00. Advantage is given to hot, oily, nutritious foods. This can be a thick soup, steamed or steamed vegetables, and whole wheat bread and be sure to add ghee oil.


The strictest rule for the winter evenings – dinner should be held not later than 18.00. Slowed-down digestion and late-accepted food in the winter will contribute to the accumulation of excess weight. And in the spring it will be manifested in the fact that the accumulated ama will provoke catarrhal diseases.

6. Strengthening the immune system

To maintain your immunity, of course, it is important to comply with all the rules listed above. But there are several other useful recipes. So in addition to the morning full oiling of the body, before going to sleep, rub sesame oil into the feet and, to enhance the effect, put on socks.

This is a very useful procedure for maintaining immunity. It stimulates all biologically active points on the sole, and the oil itself is absorbed, gets through the feet into the bloodstream, which very well affects the body.

You can also add some teas and drinks to your diet. For example, a ginger drink with lemon and cane sugar very well supports immunity in severe frosts.

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7. We dress in warm and bright colors

Warming colors (for example, red, orange, yellow), something bright and sunny will support people, especially those prone to apathy. The lack of sufficient sun in the winter always leads to a deterioration in mood. Therefore, we need to maintain our positive state in all ways. Physically warm colors, perhaps, will not warm, but they will warm energetically and emotionally.

8. We begin to appreciate simple human communication

A limited amount of sunlight and heat is difficult and emotional. Therefore, it is better not to be alone in this cold time. We need to try as much as possible, especially in the evening hours, to spend with friends, friends, family.

However, live communication is not a joint watching TV or browsing the Internet in one room, but behind different computers. Now it is important to fully communicate with each other. Invite your friends to ginger tea, tell your family about how the day went.

9. We find time for love

According to the Ayurvedic concept, winter time is most preferable for sexual activity. In summer, it is recommended to limit it, and in winter, on the contrary, increase slightly. Since it is associated with warms. In general, be sure to spend gray snowy evenings for a romantic conversation with loved ones.

10. We adjust to the rhythm

In the winter, you do not need to hurry, you need to live in a restful way and not get out of the biological rhythms of nature. Try to become more stable, measured, even a little slow and passive. Do not worry, the most important thing we will have time to do. And yet, despite some shortcomings, winter can be very useful for our body and for our mood. After all, now we have the opportunity to get more sleep and have a good rest during the holidays. And, in addition, winter – the best time for home communication with relatives over a cup of herbal tea or for family winter games and entertainment.

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