How to stay healthy in retirement

Almost 70,000 people are set to retire in the UK in the next year and if you’re approaching retirement, you might be wondering how life will change for you. You could have twenty years of retirement, so it’s a good idea to make some plans for staying healthy so you can make the most of your retirement. Here are some tips for staying healthy:

Get your flu jab

Flu can quickly become serious and lead to further complications in those aged over 65, especially for those with existing medical conditions. Make sure you get the flu jab each winter. You’re entitled to it free on the NHS and it could save you from feeling very poorly indeed.

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Exercise benefits everyone but the benefits for those in retirement are well-known. Exercise can help boost your mood, help you to manage stress, increase your self-confidence and help you to stay mentally sharp too. Regular exercise helps prevent disease and improves circulation. It also strengthens you against the risk of falls by helping your balance.

You don’t suddenly need to take up anything too strenuous as even a brisk walk is a great place to start. You’ll feel more energised and in a better mood.

Eat Healthily

Getting into the habit of eating well with be a big benefit in retirement. It lowers your risk of heart disease, increases energy levels and will help you to maintain a healthy weight. If you become less active on retirement, it’s easier to put on weight which increases the risk of type 2 diabetes and stroke. Eating well doesn’t have to be hard or expensive. Simply try to include a food type from each food group on your plate at each meal.

Have Fun

Don’t forget to have fun and play games. Yes, grown-ups need to play too. Keep your brain active by playing card or board games, puzzles, crosswords and anything else that you enjoy. Games like these helps to keep your brain sharp and aids memory retention. If you live in a park home, you’ll have the added benefit of social clubs available on site. For Park Homes Bedfordshire, visit

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Don’t drink too much

Try to get into the good habit of limiting the amount of alcohol you consume. Alcohol consumed regularly effects all parts of your body including your brain, immune system, pancreas, heart, balance and sight. Everything in moderation is fine but too much will have a negative impact on your health and well-being.

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