I miss the click clunk of the old televisions

“Aint you got a colour telly”, that was one of the first words I remember as I introduced my soon not to be friend Neil into our family home No we did not have a colour telly. What we had was enormous cathode ray monster that could only get black and white on. Why? Because we were poor in the nineteen seventies. We didn’t get a video recorder until nineteen eighty-eight either for that matter. You paid less for your TV licence as well. But made no difference to the reception you got. The old aerial on top of the house was a source of constant worry. If you need help with TV aerial installation Swansea area then take a look at some of the great companies who can help you. Even in the days of digital you still need one.

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If you looked across the sky line of houses you would see the forest of aerial’s festooned on the roofs. There was no such thing as Satellite Dishes in those days, the dream of there being more than channels was a just that, dream. Can you imagine what life was like before we had all these channels? The old television would not have been able to cope. Our old Baird, named after one of the many inventors who claim to have developed television, was, as I say a standard black and white, total analogue tv. You plugged in the aerial at the back and you took it out if there was a thunder and lighting storm because if your house got hit then the tv exploded and all plug sockets got blown out of the wall. I knew this was true because it had happened to my friend Johns next door neighbour who had foolishly not heeded the warnings and continued to watch Dallas despite the storm coming in.

Our Television did not have a remote control. You were obliged to get up and walk over to the television and change channels manually. I know can you imagine that. On a modern TV if you lose the remote then you’ve got no chance of ever changing the channel let alone even turning it on. No problem with our old television. It had a very solid on and off switch that made the screen shrink the size of a pin head. To change channels there was some lovely buttons that made a satisfying clunk noise when you changed channels. It was quite emphatic when you did it. I used to just enjoy changing the channels even when it wasn’t on. It laughable had twelve buttons on it. That was for lucky people like my Granny who had a decent transmitter and could get Central and HTV, we just got HTV, we didn’t even get the Welsh programs, our transmitter was rubbish. Get a thunder storm near that and it was out for days. So lucky nowadays.



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