Insane Stories From Hollywood

Everybody loves celebrity gossip and other rumblings about the “beautiful people.” This is why the world is always so focused on the all the news in west la. But there are some stories you may not have heard. Here are just a few!

1. When James Cameron was trying to get the sequel to his future calling card “Alien” green-lit, he was unsure on how to present it to the potential investors and other studio bigwigs. He finally decided to go into the meeting empty handed. He went straight to the chalkboard, upon which the word “Alien” was already written. He added a capital “S” to the word and then inserted two vertical lines onto the letter, to create a dollar sign. He then simply turned around and smiled. The studio executives applauded and green lit the project on the spot.

2. The real reason that Bill Murray was not in the sequel to the femme fatale action movie “Charlies Angels” is that he could not stand Lucy Liu. Murray exploded on her during one scene. He pointed at her and screamed “You have no talent!” Witnesses stated later that the two actors had to be physically separated. Murray has since never appeared in a movie with the Asian actress.

3. The crew members of the legendary movie Basic Instinct despised lead actress so much that would actually take turns urinating in her private bathtub.

4. On-screen goof Ben Stiller has been deemed a jerk in real life. He has a constant flow of personal assistants either because they quit due to their disdain for him or he fires them in the midst of a temper tantrum. One assistant even reported that Stiller demanded she cut his toe nails for him. That is certainly a step too far.

As you can see, not everything is rainbows and unicorns out in La-La Land. However, at least you can now comfort yourself in the knowledge that you don’t have some of the personal problems that the legends of Hollywood seem to have. Even money can’t cure bad behavior.

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