Key steps to starting your own business

When you look to starting your own business there are a number of things to ensure that you do before you jump into the world of being self-employed. Working your way through the process will help to make sure that you have a viable business idea and that there is a market need for your product or service.

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The first stage is to consider what you business idea is and to really think about the tiny details as to what you are planning to offer and whether there are going to be any competitors already established in the marketplace that are going to have a better quality or cheaper product or service than the one that you are proposing. It is always a good idea to have a bug brainstorm over all of the business ideas that you have and the skills and attributes that you have that could be turned into an online product or perhaps a service. From this you will find one that fits best with your future goals and one that inspires ad motivates you more than the others.

It is important that you then look at your situation and work out whether you have the money and time to be investing in starting a new business. There are many options available to help fledgling businesses, but it is going to be time consuming and a little stressful to begin with. As soon as you decide to make your business official you need to register with companies’ house if you plan to be a limited company and also with HMRC as self employed or a PAYE business. One of the best ways to make certain that you cover all of your legal obligations in terms of your business finances and reporting your accounts correctly is to use outsourced accounting services like the ones provided by Much of your time is going to be spent building up your business and it is important that you ensure that nothing slips in terms of your obligations financial and having another pair of eyes on this is the best way forwards.

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At this point you should create details plan of your business both in terms of the goals and productivity you expect in the first five years but also the profits you expect and the income and expenditure figures. This type of planning and financial forecasting can really help you stay on track with your business and is just one other thing that your accountant can help you with.


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