Ideas to organise your craft room

Ideas to organise your craft room

A craft room is meant to be for creativity, but that does not have to conflict with basic organisational principles. You want to be comfortable in your space, which will probably contain items of great personal value, both crafting tools and the products of your work. The room deserves to be treated well. It may not be simple to organise, but there are ways to make it easier.

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If you purchase a knitting kit like one of those available at then you are likely to end up with a significant amount of yarn. More kits mean an ever-increasing amount. Yarn can be stored in bags, baskets, plastic tubs or on shelves, but categorising it by colour or size makes it easier to find specific pieces as well as a more pleasant aesthetic.

Remember, too much direct sunlight can cause fading. Make sure you can keep out dust, mould, and insects.


You see a piece of fabric with a nice colour or texture and buy it for some undefined future use, then it joins dozens of other waiting pieces. Different types of fabric have different properties and storage needs.

Depending on the size and shape of your room, you may want to drape fabric over hangers like a pair of trousers, or stack up clear plastic containers, one per fabric type. We recommend closed drawers or cupboards over shelves to avoid dust, though you could add a protective curtain or screen.

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Again, plastic bins and drawers are a good option because whilst they may not have the aesthetic value of ornately decorated tins, being able to see inside makes finding what you want much simpler. Plastic bins are also easy to stack.

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Organised properly, a craft room can be a colourful and inviting space where it is easy to find what you need, and everything is protected from dust and damage. This means having the right items in the right containers in the right places. You do not have to be meticulous, but you do need a system that works for you.

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