What to do when your child has no friends?

what to do when your child has no friends

What to do when your child has no friends?

You probably remember the name of your first friend in elementary school because it is during recess when you learn to share lunch and the best teamwork lessons are given in the classroom. Here, you will know what to do when your child has no friends.

Friends teach children the importance of being empathetic and helping others. Together they solve problems and even establish rules of coexistence. Psychologists experts point out that making friends is a vital necessity, as they are the key to a happy and successful life.

What to do when your child has no friends?

what to do when your child has no friends

If you notice that your little one is shy when it comes to making friends or they are about to change residence and you fear that he will not be able to adapt so easily to the new school, do not worry, the experts have five tips to help him socialize with other children.

# 1 Enroll him in a sports or artistic activity

On the official site of the National Fostering Group, they talk about the importance of encouraging your child to make friends with people who have similar interests because by talking about the topics they are passionate about, they are more likely to overcome their shyness.

To facilitate socialization, you can enroll him in sports or artistic activities, as there he will meet other children with the same tastes.

# 2 Pack extra snacks

Experts suggest providing you with items that you can ‘break the ice with. For example, an extra dessert in your lunch box will allow you to share it with your peers at recess, helping you to start a conversation.

# 3 Stay in communication with your teachers and other parents

It is important to maintain communication with your children’s teachers. The best way to get to know the school environment in which your little one operates is by living with his teachers and other parents.

# 4 Teach your child to ask questions

The experts at Brain Balance explain that there are a number of ways children can start a conversation, and one of the easiest is by asking questions.

“The best way to get to know others and make connections is to ask questions that relate specifically to the person you are talking to.”

You can recommend some questions to your child, so that he knows his peers better, for example: What television programs do you like to watch? What is your favorite sport? Do you like costumes?

# 5 Compliment him when he’s nice

The psychologist Mary Rooney said on his official website that it is important to congratulate your little when he does something good or simply when he endeavors, rather than just pay attention to their failures.

If your child is shy but is kind and supportive, let him know that you are very proud of him and that those are great qualities. Many little ones are shy when it comes to making friends, but over time they manage to feel as free as at home. The more you reinforce her positive actions, the more confident she will feel expressing herself in school.

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