Outdoor Features and Their Maintenance Details

Your property demands a lot from you, including a good vacuuming each week and scrubbing the walls of built-up grease. Your exterior elements aren’t maintenance free either. Take a look at a few common features found around the average property. Their care will add value to your future home sale.

Aerating the Soil

Your lawn requires water and fertilizer, but there’s another task that’s paramount to its success. Aeration is the practice of pulling cylindrical sections of soil from the lawn. They’re spaced out a few inches from each other. By removing certain amounts of soil, you allow oxygen and moisture to penetrate the ground. The lawn responds by growing even healthier than before. The removed sections will eventually fill in with new grass.

Dredging Your Water Feature

If you have a pond or lake at your property, dredging it may be a good idea at some point. The act of dredging will remove the built-up silt from the bottom while restoring the body of water back to a balanced space. From fish to water fowl, life will flourish after a dredging. Hire professionals or try your skills with a Watermaster dredger for sale.

Pulling the Bulbs

When you plant bulbs around your property, they go through periods of growth and dormancy. You can leave them in the ground year-round, but it’s a better idea to pull them. You’ll have fewer bulbs that rot or become food for tiny critters. Plant them when the time is right to see them flourish.

Caring for the Trees

Your trees shouldn’t hang over any structures on your property. Prune them as necessary. Any dead leaves on the house can become hazards to the roof itself. Be sure to trim any grasses or other plants around the tree too. It should have its own space to spread its roots.

If you’re not sure about how to care for a certain feature, call the professionals or research more details online. Every home has unique parts to it. Caring for each one will beautify the space for years to come.

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