Five tips when choosing security seals

Five tips when choosing security seals

For any company working with produce which needs to be transported, making sure procedures run efficiently and effectively is vital. This includes safe and secure packaging and systems which prevent damage during transit.

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Here are the 5 best ways companies can ensure their cargo is safe and secure during transit.


– When planning the security and safety of goods, take into consideration the following:

– The value of the cargo.

– The environmental impact of the transit and what options are available.

– The types of security seal available. If you are wondering what are security seals, these are the seals which secure cargo during transit.

– Tracking options including customising packaging to make packages easily recognisable. For example, using specially designed boxes and colour coding.

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Security seal storage

All security seals should be inspected on arrival and logged. They should be kept locked up and only be available to authorised staff members.

All authorised staff should follow company procedures when using and allocating the seals. This should include keeping a concise logging system, detailing the description of the goods, the location, method of transport, etc.

Only authorised and trained staff should attach the seals. The Personnel Department should keep a record of the staff who have this responsibility and ensure their training is always kept up to date and that they meet all the criteria.

Inspection of the seal

Before applying the seal, staff should inspect the seal for damage or faults. After applying, authorised staff should check it has been fitted correctly by testing the mechanism. If it fails this should be removed and a new one attached. A record should be kept of the damaged seal and this should also be reported to the supplier.

Removal of the seal

When goods arrive, an authorised recipient should inspect the seal and also report any irregularities. If the seal has been tampered with in any way, this may suggest contamination or an attempted crime.

Most cargo crimes happen at the warehouse, or at a distribution centre, but they can also happen during transit when goods are on the move.

Disposal of the seal

It is very important that the seals are disposed of correctly to ensure they are not used fraudulently. Staff should have strict procedures around disposal and all authorised staff should be aware of these.


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