How To Prevent Distracted Driving

How To Prevent Distracted Driving

We have all gotten behind that kind of driver who is swerving or going too slow to find out their eyes are trained on their cell phone or their food instead of the road. It is a pretty scary situation to be part of and thousands of people are killed due to distracted driving each year. Here are a few ideas that can keep you from being distracted and get you to your destination safely.

Turn Off Your Device

While temporary rumble strips on the streets would solve quite a few problems, turning your cell phone off can keep your eyes focused on your driving far better. If you need your phone for directions or you stream music from it, you can put it on the Bluetooth connection in your car or get a windshield mount and put the volume up so you can see it. Although it can still distract you, it keeps your gaze mostly ahead instead of in your lap.

Wait Until You Get Home

Those fries you just got through the drive thru smell delicious but try to refrain from eating until you get home. You can lose your concentration on what you are doing trying to prepare your food for consumption. In addition, if you are holding your food, you have one less hand to hold the steering wheel and operate the other controls. Trying to bobble all these could cause an accident. So keep two hands on the wheel and dinner in the bag.

Ignore the Comments

Even something as simple as talking to another passenger can distract your driving. If you are forced to divert your attention to someone else instead of the road, you could get in an accident. This can include children who are acting out. If you need to turn your focus to someone else or discipline a child, it would be best to pull over them give them your undivided attention.

Keep Your Hands To Yourself

Modern cars have so many perks it can be exciting to use them all. However, doing things such as change a compact disk can be a distraction. Also, doing things unrelated to driving such as applying makeup or brushing your hair can tear your attention away worse that playing with the gadgets in your car. You need to start your music or GPS before you drive and wait until your destination do start the others.

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