Happy birthday dear Lassie, happy birthday to you

Happy birthday dear Lassie, happy birthday to you

These days, most families like to think of their dog as another member the family. And as with all members of the family, who doesn’t want recognition for their big day or to celebrate their birthdays?

Celebrating the birthday of your dog is becoming more and more popular and socially acceptable. For many people, it is important to do something to honour the special day of their dogs.

However, there is still a little stigma attached to celebrating dog birthdays, especially among people with more old-school ideas. The key is to find a happy balance. You can certainly celebrate the birthday of your dog in a brilliant and fun-filled ways without going overboard.

Here are some great ideas for how to celebrate the birthday of your dog.

  1. Cook your dog a cake

This is a really easy and enjoyable way to celebrate the birthday of your dog is by baking them a special cake just for dogs!

These days there are a lot of cake mixes made especially for dogs that are tasty, healthy and perfectly safe to eat. You will have a blast making cookies, and your dog will enjoy eating them even more.

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  1. Visit dog-friendly restaurants

There are so many dog-friendly restaurants now. Some even have a special menu for puppies!

If you have a restaurant like this in your local area, you can stop by and treat your dog for an amazing birthday meal.

  1. Host a fun playdate or gathering

Get your canine friends together and have a little party. Invite over a few close pals and family who are dog owners themselves and celebrate with a play date.

Level up your celebration. You can really go to town out with decorations and a create a unique canine dog menu or keep it simple and just treat it as a brilliant play session amongst furry friends.

  1. Buy your dog a new toy

Dogs love their toys, and what better time to treat them to a new one than their birthday!

Because it is a special day, you can wrap it in wrapping paper and have your dog “open” with their claws and teeth. Sometimes it is more fun than playing with the toy itself. Or what about brand new Designer Dog Collars from a site like https://iwoof.com/product-category/designer-dog-collars-and-leads/ 

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  1. Treat your dog

You can also spoil your dog with a spa day. As with us humans, dogs adore being pampered, spoilt and indulged.

This can include a visit to the grooming parlour and ordering the deluxe treatment. Bath, haircut, you name it! Your dog will look cool on their special day.

Alternatively, you can create a DIY at-home experience. This could include a relaxing bath, a long brushing session and tons of fuss, love and cuddles.











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