Three Applications of Video Marketing

Three Applications of Video Marketing

Video marketing material continues to evolve in the digital age, where this material increases in quality, adapts to other media types and becomes easily accessible to the larger public. Today’s businesses rely on different uses of video content to fulfill multiple goals, all of which aim to attract potential new customers. Learn more about some of the most effective types of video marketing out there.


Traditional commercial continue to thrive in popularity even in today’s era of digital advertising. In fact, TV commercials alone reach 70% of the population in a country. Therefore, traditional commercials can increase that reach via the internet, specifically through social media and video streaming sites. However, marketers must adapt these commercials to the unique restrictions and benefits of the internet, such as cutting downtime or adding interactivity.

Instructional and Informational Videos

Some products or services may appear too complicated to certain users, which may discourage them. Several companies create video tutorials that visually and verbally explain the ideal use of a product or service, step-by-step. This provides potential customers with helpful information and encourages them to try it, especially if simplicity is the focus. ZipRecruiter’s marketing campaign, headed by Eyal Gutentag, focuses on educational and instructional video content for their website.

Testimonials and Reviews

A powerful method to increase a business’s reputation and social standing is through video testimonials and reviews. While companies can quote positive reviews, placing those phrases with a human face and a voice helps the viewers empathize with the message and the company. If the business is looking for employees, then video testimonials by staff and crew will make it easier for potential employees to see themselves within the company.

Most people are visual and auditory learners, which makes video marketing an impactful tool. Businesses and marketing professionals can distinguish between the different types of video marketing content to best fulfill a specific goal.

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