Top Handgun Accessories

Top Handgun Accessories

The growth of the gun industry has spurred innovation in firearm accessories. As individuals become more comfortable with their handguns, they are beginning to expand their weapon cache. Although for some this involves adding guns to their collection, others focus on pistol accessories that enhance their draw and firing experiences or improve their aim.


For individuals who want to improve their aim, a wide range of fiber optic and low-light sights are available. Factory weapons typically have two dots on the back of the weapon that help you sight in your target. However, these can be difficult to see in low-light conditions. Therefore, new sight accessories, including tactical flashlights, have been developed. Fiber optic sights improve aim no matter the light conditions.


You want a pistol that feels comfortable in your hand. One you can grip easily and hold on to tightly, or you may want a certain aesthetic. Therefore, you may consider purchasing a custom grip. In addition, your gun’s grip may make it easier or more difficult to conceal or shoot. Rubber or textured grips may also improve your ability to hold onto your weapon if you have sweaty hands.


You may also want to make your weapon easier to shoot. If you replace your trigger or trigger springs, you will affect how easily and accurately your firearm shoots because these accessories change the pull weight of the trigger. Lighter and heavier pulls may improve gunowners’ trigger stroke depending on their hand size and strength. However, do not place your finger on the trigger unless you are sighted in and ready to shoot your target.


Lasers may be affixed to the underside of your gun barrel or part of a custom grip. Lasers help you sight in your target. If they are affixed to your weapon, you don’t have to carry them or worry about pulling them out if you have to draw for self-defense. However, firearm accessories require a new holster because they change the size of your firearm.

As you grow more comfortable with your weapon, consider testing some common accessories.

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