What Makes an Engaging Office Space?

What Makes an Engaging Office Space?

Workspace Design’s Importance Goes Beyond Décor

We spend the most amount of time in our offices, so it is no surprise to discover that the space in which we work affects us mentally. Nobody is suggesting that company owners and bosses should get the interior designers in before they start to hire staff, but certain aspects of décor and decoration could be considered. For instance, painting walls a soulless white or – the worst colour known to man – magnolia doesn’t offer much in the way of inspiration. In the same way, vibrant, lime-green walls are likely to be distracting.

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In a piece written for Men’s Health, this exact topic was discussed. Their researchers found that the area in which you work can have a direct link to your overall mental well-being.

This article explores how certain factors relating to the décor of your office can negatively affect your mental health. For example, if your office space is too dark, their studies found that the workers’ sleep patterns were negatively affected. They found that office staff had a reduced quality of sleep if their office was without natural light. This aspect can lead to depression.

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Creating a Productive Environment

Having adequate light, where possible, is an important factor, but so is the temperature of the office. Having the air-con set to Siberian in the middle of the winter is not appropriate. If the staff are too hot or too cold, this can have a drastic effect on productivity as it is incredibly distracting.

Even something as seemingly unimportant as your desk can have a huge effect. If you have a cluttered work-space, studies have shown that your productivity levels will fall well below what you expect. The age-old adage of ‘tidy house, tidy mind’ demonstrates this point exactly.

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Copying or transcribing databases individually by hand is incredibly time-consuming. Using software such as this can free up hundreds of hours, leaving you with more time to work on other, much less tedious aspects of your job.

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