Why do dogs howl?

Why do dogs howl

Why do dogs howl?

Currently, there are many breeds of dogs. They may well be small, medium, large, with short hair, long hair, large ears, drooping, among other characteristics. However, you must not forget that your canine friends have only one ancestor: the wolf. That is why, although two dog breeds can be completely opposite in shape and character, both respond to the same animal instinct and genetic inheritance from the wolf. This aspect is the one that can respond today to many of the behaviors of pets and how they relate to the environment. One of these behaviors that most closely resembles the wild wolf is precisely the howling of a dog.

Many times you have wondered why do dogs howl for no apparent reason and why they howl. Well, in this new article, we are going to solve your doubts and explain what the most common causes are so that you can interpret them and get to know your faithful friend a little better. Let’s go there: Do ants sleep

Why do dogs howl?

Why do dogs howl

Wolves, in a wild and indigenous environment, are animals that need to mark the territory and defend it from other animals or from packs other than their own. That is why one of the behaviors that dogs use to warn the rest is howling, and if we transfer this to the reality of our pet, it is quite common for our dog to howl when a stranger passes near your house or some unknown dog enters, well, your pet will want to make it clear that this is his territory and that of his family. We point out that this howl is common at night. The dog has the desire to watch over and protect the territory.

Howling for pain or discomfort

Another reason why our dog can start howling for no apparent explanation is that it has some kind of pain or discomfort. Like humans and other animals, dogs often complain when something is hurting them and, in their case, they do it through howling. However, the good thing for owners is that this type of howl is easily recognizable. Since it is a totally different howl, it is usually choppy and in a very low tone. Normally, this type of howl is accompanied by strange behavior such as lack of activity or lack of appetite. Therefore, if you hear your canine howling like this and his behavior is apparently not normal, it is best to go to the vet to find out. Read also: Can cats eat raw chicken?

Howl for joy or celebration

Not all howls have a negative background. Dogs, like wolves, use the howl to communicate with their pack and to be able to reunite. That is why howling is sometimes a sound that expresses joy or satisfaction. A clear example is when you come home after being out all day or after a few days of vacation without seeing you and he starts howling, wagging his tail. Well, it is nothing more than a reason for joy to be able to get the whole “herd” together again. What a joy!

Howl by imitation

You may have wondered why dogs howl when they hear an ambulance siren or a very high-pitched sound. As you well know, dogs are very curious and interactive animals with their environment and on many occasions, they tend to imitate everyday behaviors or sounds. In this sense, there are many dogs that, when faced with certain sounds, try to imitate them by howling. For example, puppies tend to instinctively make the pretense of howling if you reproduce a howl near them. Likewise, the breeds of dogs that howl the most, such as huskies or German shepherds, are animals more similar to the wolf. They usually imitate all kinds of sounds and are characteristic of their power of imitation. In addition, we point out that sometimes dogs howl while they are sleeping. This situation is also by imitation.

Howling from anxiety or stress

Do you wonder why my dog ​​howls when I leave? Well, this is another of the frequently asked questions. This type of howl is what we must pay attention to since it occurs in stressful situations and tends to be long-lasting and accompanied by rapid and repetitive movements. This can trigger dogs to cry. Perhaps from our point of view, they are normal and calm situations, but for dogs, the arrival of other animals at home, moving, lack of physical activity or excessive time alone can cause them situations of anguish and anxiety that they express with howls. In short, these situations must be avoided in time to be able to give a better quality of life to your faithful companion.

Howl to get attention and play

The howl to attract attention and play is also one of the most common among healthy dogs and has to do with moments of boredom or interaction in which your pet wants to make it clear that he wants to play and that they pay attention to him. The best thing you can do in these cases is to take some quality time and dedicate it to your faithful four-legged companion so that they have a full life. For example, you can play with him to throw the ball, you can walk him for a long time, among other activities that we are sure your pet will love. What do you think if you try it?

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