Small living trend: Advantages of living in mini apartments

Studies of 30 square meters, mini apartments, attics, etc. Does it seem to us or are the houses getting smaller? If you have consulted the real estate market lately, you may have noticed that, unfortunately, it is.

The reality is that the floors are smaller, but the rents are getting higher. With the prices we can do little to change the situation. However, as regards the square meters, we can bring out our ingenuity to optimize the space as much as possible. And is that living in a small apartment also has its good part. We tell you the advantages of living in mini apartments. Because there are also …

Small flats, tight wages and sky-high prices. The trend of the small living is imposed more and more, due to the difficult situation of the real estate market. In spite of everything, we are optimistic, at least we try. That’s why we’re going to see the positive part of living in a small apartment. Actually, there are many reasons to live in a house of a few square meters, naturally, if we live alone or with our partner.

You have less to clean

Small living trend
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The best thing about living in a mini apartment is that we have less to clean. So the tedious tasks of order and cleaning will end much sooner. In fact, if we plan well, it takes five or ten minutes each day to keep our small apartment impeccable. That way we can dedicate ourselves to other things.

You gain light and amplitude

Small living trend
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Another advantage is that mini floors are usually open spaces with several rooms in the same room. For example, a living room connected to the kitchen. Or a living room, open to the bedroom.

The advantage is that we take better advantage of the space, by eliminating the passage areas. In addition, by dispensing with barriers, such as walls and partitions, we enhance the luminosity, since light circulates best throughout the space. That’s why in mini apartments it is recommended to opt for low furniture, light fabrics, light colors and simple furniture (no frills), to avoid overloading the decoration.

You have everything at hand

Small living trend
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Another advantage of the small apartments is that they allow us to have everything at hand, since the rooms share a room. But in order not to fall into the chaos of disorder, we must carefully choose the solutions of order. We recommend opting for hidden management systems, such as drawers, built-in wardrobes, sliding doors, etc. With this we try to avoid that feeling of chaos by having our pieces exposed throughout the house.

In small apartments the order solutions are very important, because they help us to clear the surfaces. This is essential to avoid falling into the temptation to occupy the surfaces of tables, dressers and other furniture with hundreds of pieces.

The spaces are multipurpose

For us, perhaps the most significant advantage of living in a mini apartment are the multipurpose spaces. In these homes the furniture is designed to meet various uses, as they will be placed in different environments, such as the living room or bedroom-living room.

Thus, a side table can serve as a nightstand, a dresser as storage for the dining room or bedroom, a console in the hall that also serves as a small desk, etc.

Therefore, we recommend opting for versatile and versatile furniture, which can really have several uses. Our advice? Few furniture but well selected, instead of many and small.

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