The Bachelorette Party Planning Checklist You Actually Need

Here’s the only checklist you need to plan the bachelorette party of your BFF’s dreams. Grab a pen and start taking notes – you don’t want to forget these.

Congrats! Your best friend just named you as the maid of honor for her wedding and I’m sure you couldn’t be more pumped!

The next thought that may come to mind is: How do I go about planning the Bachelorette party? Where do I begin?

Bachelorette parties are like a vacation for the bride. It gives her a chance to let loose and relax after months of planning.

It’s important you make this partyone of her dreams.

We’re giving you the checklist you need to kick start your party planning. We’re telling you the basics of what you’ll need to do and when. Happy planning!

Soon after the engagement…

Before you even get into the scheduling and inviting, you need to get an idea of what the bride wants out of her bachelorette party. Is she thinking of a crazy night out in Vegas, a more casual get together in her hometown, or a girls night at someone’s house?

Knowing what the bride wishes for and what she wants to avoid is extremely important in making sure she is prepared and comfortable for what’s to come.

  • Once you get an idea of the activities you’re going to do, obtain a guest list and a few open weekends from the bride.
  • Contact the bridesmaids and let them know the dates you’re thinking. Have everyone get back to you with what works for them, so you can establish a firm date. The sooner, the better. Typically bachelorette parties will occur a month or two before the wedding date. Unless there is excess traveling involved, you may have to plan it closer to the wedding date.
  • Gather help if you feel the itinerary is going to get super detailed and stressful. The other bridesmaids will want the best of this weekend too, so they will be willing to do whatever it may be to help.

3 months away…

  • Send your save the date invites. This could be through an email or an actual paper invitation, whatever works for you. Make sure to note on the invite that if someone has a conflict with the date to contact you ASAP.
  • This is when the reservations and the research occur. Once you have the plan of events mapped out, call the places your group is going to visit and make reservations. This may be for clubs, restaurants, bars, flights, hotels. It’s always better to book sooner.
  • Choose your theme for the night and let the bride and other bridesmaids know. That way they can start shopping for the perfect accessories and outfit.

1 month away…

  • Transportation, almost the most important piece. The last thing you want to be worrying about is depending on Ubers or cabs to get you around. Book your way of transport ahead of time.
  • Finalize the details with follow-up emails, make sure the reservations are set, let the ladies know the cost of the whole get together, and type up the schedule. This when you get down to the nitty-gritty details.

1 week before…

  • The day is almost here! Make sure you have all of your party accessories and the food and drinks are bought. If you’re going to give out favors or play games, this is the time to do so. It’s also never a bad idea to pack a supply of emergency items for the bride.
  • Send the bridesmaids a text to get them excited! If you want to be extra sure, you can even double check your reservations are set and ready to go.
  • The last thing to do, check in with the bride to let her know everything is going great and you can’t wait for the big night. Remind everyone to get some sleep for a night or weekend of fun!

See, it’s not as stressful as you thought! With the proper planning checklist, you can become the ultimate bachelorette party planner.

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