The significance of a Royal Diamond

It is a month after the wedding of Prince harry and Meghan Markle. The ceremony was beautiful and there were touching tributes to Princess Diana subtly scattered throughout the ceremony. One such tribute was the inclusion of 2 diamonds from Princess Diana’s collection in the engagement ring designed by Princess Harry, which also contained a larger diamond from Botswana. There is a tradition of diamonds being passed down through royalty and daughter replicating their mothers diamond rings.

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Now back to royal tradition. Here are facts about he key women in the royal family and their beloved diamonds.

  • Princess Eugenie is the latest royal to get engaged and her ring contains a Padparadscha sapphire and is remarkably similar to her mother’s engagement ring in style.
  • Princess Diana’s ring was a 12-carat sapphire and diamond ring. It was seen as a commoner’s ring, but Diana was adamant that she would have the ring of her choice. Fittingly this beautiful ring is now present on the finger of Kate Middleton.

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  • The Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson has a Burmese Ruby and 10 diamonds in her yellow gold band and it is a design that has been replicated by her daughter Eugenie.
  • Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla has as her ring an emerald cut diamond with baguette diamonds surrounding it on a platinum band. This ring originally belonged to the Queen Mother.
  • Queen Elizabeth II ring is probably the most traditional in design. It is a three-carat diamond in a platinum band and contains smaller diamonds from Prince Phillip’s mother’s tiara.
  • Queen Victoria had the most unusual and talked about ring in the shape of a serpent. It was mixture of emeralds, rubies and diamonds. Queen Victoria was said to have chosen the serpent shape due to the fact that throughout history serpents are a representation of wisdom, loyalty and commitment.

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It appears that there is a long tradition for engagement rings with the royal family to contain an element of the jewels found in one of the mother’s jewellery collection. However, it is evident that the royal family believe in the uniqueness and individuality of the bride to be should be represented in the overall ring design.

How would you design your perfect engagement ring?

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