Three Practical Gifts to Give Your Batch of Bridesmaids

When you ask someone to be your bridesmaid, they do so out of the love and goodness of their heart. Which means you should repay them with something sweet and practical in return. Your bridesmaids are your gal pals, those that are forever by your side. Ergo, your bridesmaid gifts should be custom and loving but also something they can each use.

Let this article be a short inspirational guide to a few practical gifts that your batch of bridesmaids might love.

Chocolate and Wine Lovers? Book a Girls’ Weekend Tour

Not to put a cliché on the bridesmaid in your tribe, but most ladies love wine, chocolate, or a combination of the two. Why? Because both are delicious and so much fun to have around when you’re with your besties. So, send your girlies on a weekend tour to a local winery. Sip a few wine samples, indulge in a picnic that overlooks vineyard hills, and bring your own array of decadent truffles to share.

Tip: When you book your vineyard tour, make sure to book it as an overnight excursion. Find a nice hotel nearby, complete with comfortable beds, loads of room service, and perhaps a spa service or two. Pamper yourself and your gal pals before your big day.

Give Them Something to Wear, like a Monogrammed Necklace or Charm Bracelet

Monogrammed means the most when it comes from the heart, so be sentimental and gift your beloved bridesmaids with a monogrammed necklace or charm bracelet to cherish. Honestly, you could have monogrammed gun concealment purses as gifts and they would still be special for the sentimental monogram alone.

Tip: Treat monogrammed jewelry like friendship wear. Buy one for yourself too and have the wedding photographer take a group shot of you and your besties donning the same sentimental necklaces or bracelets.

Customize a Set of Warm Fragrances that Match What Each of Your Bridesmaids Love

Everyone has their own selection of fragrance favorites, so get to know what your bridesmaids love scent-wise. Gift them with a set of perfumes, diffuser oils, or candles—all modeled after three or four of their personal favorite scents.

For example, the maid of honor might love vanilla, sandalwood, and pumpkin spice, while the first bridesmaid might be a fan of berries, brown sugar, and peppermint. Make these gift sets as custom as they can get to surprise your gal pals.

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